UAB Callahan Eye Hospital Patient Guide Callahan Patient Guide 2018_Revised - Page 13

DAY OF SURGERY CHECKLIST DO NOT: • Do not bring valuables such as jewelry, large amounts of cash, or multiple credit cards. We are not responsible for any lost items. • Do not wear makeup, false eyelashes, fingernail polish, lotion, perfume, or body piercings • Do not consume solids or liquids (including tube feedings, chewing gum, or mints) after midnight the night before your assigned arrival time DO: • Wear loose, comfortable clothes that are easy to remove • Wear your dentures or partials as you normally do • Bring your driver’s license or identification card, insurance card, and appropriate payment method for your insurance co-pay • Bring medications you are currently taking in their original containers • Have an escort to drive you home • Bring items that will make you comfortable, such as a jacket or blanket, a book, music with headphones, and electronic devices such as a tablet, smart phone, and charger • Bring your UAB Callahan Eye Hospital Patient and Visitor Guide DISCHARGE PLAN & INSTRUCTIONS • Do you have someone to drive you home after your procedure? Name:__________________________________ Phone #:________________________________ • Is there follow-up care you must do at home? • _Have you been shown how to perform these tasks? • Are you comfortable performing these tasks? • When is my follow-up appointment? Date:___________________________________ Time:___________________________________ Who/Where: ____________________________ • Note to family members and caregivers: If you plan to assist the patient with care at home, please make plans to be at his/ her hospital bedside to learn about helping your loved one. Discharge Checklist • What are my discharge instructions? • Do I have any restrictions, and if so, what are they? • Who do I call if I have questions? • What symptoms should I watch for? Medication Checklist • Do I understand what medications to take, including when and how much? • Do I understand what the medications are for? • If I need any prescriptions, do I have them, or have they been sent to my pharmacy? Follow-Up Appointment with Your Physician Make sure you talk to your physician’s office about your follow-up appointment if it is not already scheduled or indicated on your discharge plan. 9