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things to do

at Tulip Time

Where to see the tulips !

Tulip Avenue in Central Park and Sunken Gardens Park The City of Pella plants tens of thousands of tulips throughout these two parks in celebration of Pella ’ s Dutch heritage . Especially vibrant and colorful is Tulip Avenue in Central Park , which runs from the north fountain to the center of the park . An immense variety of tulips are showcased along this sidewalk .
Scholte House Gardens | Corner of Main and Broadway Streets Behind the Historic Scholte House Museum are the beautiful Scholte Gardens . Featuring over 35,000 tulips , the gardens are free and open to the public . At one time , this land was under the care of Maria Scholte , the wife of Pella ' s founder Dominie Hendrik P . Scholte . Here you ' ll find benches to rest on , art sculptures to admire , a gazebo for shade and many varieties of tulips . Once the tulips have finished blooming , they are replaced with annuals so that the garden remains enjoyable through autumn .
18 Tulip Time 2022
Fair Haven Memorial Garden | Corner of East 3rd and Union Streets This popular garden was originally planted in 1947 with tulip bulbs donated by the Netherlands in gratitude for war-relief aid sent by the citizens of Pella after World War II . Today these gardens feature over 13,000 tulips planted in 17 beds . The Garden also features two monuments listing more than 800 local veterans who served in WWII . Once the tulips have finished blooming , they are replaced with annuals so that the garden remains enjoyable through autumn . Admission is free .
​Central College | 812 University Street Nearly 15,000 tulips will bloom on Central College ’ s beautiful campus . The main tulip beds are located in the plaza by Graham Conference Center , east and north sides of Central Hall , Jordan Plaza , Peace Mall and Weller Flag Garden , with various other small beds and at the campus cornerstones . Approximately 30 different varieties will bloom throughout the spring .
Annual Tulip Bulb Sales and Flower Show | Scholte House ( East Entrance ) | 728 Washington Street | 9 a . m . to 6 p . m . See beautiful arrangements using tulips in the historic home of Pella ' s founder Dominie Scholte . Order your tulip bulbs here ! Sponsored by the Pella Garden Club .

Recurring Events

Grandstand Shows ​Grandstand shows begin at 1 p . m . each day . Bleacher seating is available , as well as park seating . Park tickets provide some shaded seating and are an excellent option for guests in wheelchairs and walker seats . The afternoon Grandstand show features Dutch dancing and singing , the Parade of Provinces ( a historic Dutch costume style show ), presentation of the Tulip Queen and her