TTIP: consequences on Greek Democracy, Economy, Society Basic research conclusions: • Greek society is already suffering some of TTIP’s effects mainly because of the memorandum commitments applied in the country. • TTIP promotes privatization of the common goods. • Dramatic political impact (democratic legitimacy substituted by a technocratic one) as well as effects in the macroeconomic sector (Centralization of the means of production, abolition of the self-employed and small business, furthermore rapid deterioration in labor remuneration and labor rights). • Regarding Greece, although European Commission has officially registered 101 PDO (Protected Designation of Origin) and PGI (Protected Geographical Indication) products, only 21 of them are under negotiation as appears at EU’s proposal on geographical indications at TTIP. US side is strongly opposing to the existence of PDO and PGI. Indicative of this is that 55 US senators have recently sent a letter to US Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack asking him to stop EU’s “restrictions” of dairy products with commonly used names such as “feta”. • TTIP agreement worsens social and environmental setting of vulnerable social groups and local communities. As environmental protection (consequently protection of quality of life) is considered to be a barrier of TTIP’s crucial point which is free trade’s dominance, it is obvious that all policies to “overcome this obstacle” will be put into action. Take for example the case of Eldorado Gold at Chalkidiki peninsula. • Under these unfavourable conditions part of the society decided to take action. The proposed way to a post-capitalist society comes through autonomous movements, direct democracy and cooperatives. New policies and practices are being developed that cannot be attributed to a certain movement, but all together form an alternative to the dominant system. 72 Antheon Str, GR 12461 | E-Mail: | Tel.- fax: +30 215 5257408 | Athens County Court Registration Nr 30425/2014 | Tax Identification Nr: GR 997557187 Naturefriends Greece was founded in 2007 and is a member of the international environmental organization Naturefriends International (NFI). With 500'000 members in approximately 45 member organizations throughout the globe, the Naturefriends movement -founded in 1895- is one of the largest NGOs worldwide. Among others, Naturefriends Greece is leading people4soil campaign in Greece, starting officially in autumn and aiming to force EU to protect soil and legally classify it as a common good. Furthermore Naturefriends Greece participates in the International Network for Fair Trade Our World Is Not For Sale. NFGr is one of the key players in Greek Initiative STOP TTIP CETA TiSA. | |