The Trusty Servant May 2018 No. 125

N o .125 M ay 2018 Stinks and strats, but never stuffy: random jottings of three dozen years Andrew Wolters (Co Ro, 81-16) recalls: ‘You won’t like it there, you know. The Common Room’s awfully stuffy.’ So said the Headmaster of Brentwood School in February 1981 when I told him I had got the Winchester job I had applied for a month earlier. I had enjoyed teaching at Brentwood for seven years but something about the refreshingly no frills ad in the TES, ‘Winchester College requires Chemistry teacher for September’, beguiled me into applying. The interview was to change my life. Well, an interview with the great Peter Cattermole (PEC) would change anyone’s life. He probed my knowledge of Chemistry and ways of teaching more deeply than any adult before or since. We clicked. The letter offering me the post included 1 the line ‘You may wish to contribute in other areas of school life insofar as they do not conflict with your main duty of teaching Chemistry.’ I wonder if such a proviso is included today. There was then, of course, no ‘induction programme’. I recall a drinks party the day before term and that was the induction. James Sabben-Clare, at that time both Master in College and Second Master, called at my house,