Trustnet Magazine Issue 9 July 2015 - Page 16

INVESTMENT STRATEGY COLLECTIN COINS R T C SE ILE PR F Pádraig Floyd looks at whether it is possible to make money from your hobbies – and, more importantly, whether it is sensible O wning a sports car or investing in fine wine are among the aspirations many of us foster for when our boat comes in. That boat may be closer than ever before, with new pension freedoms which allow savers to access all of their pension at age 55 and blow it on a Lamborghini, as former pensions minister Steve Webb quipped when the new rules were announced. Although said in jest, many investors may be considering a once-in-a-lifetime dalliance. After all, if it’s your money, why not have some fun with it? AGAINST THE GRAIN Many of these assets are associated with hobbies rather than “serious” investment and many fall into the realm of collectibles. 14