Trustnet Magazine Issue 21 September 2016 | Page 14

ARE YOU A GLOBAL INVESTOR? It’s a global marketplace Investment Trusts, managed by Henderson Take a global view of investment trusts, expertly managed by Henderson For over 80 years, Henderson Global Investors has been at the forefront of investment trust innovation and development. Now, with a diverse and established range of managed investment trusts and investment companies, Henderson has a global view of the market. Whether you are retirement planning, investing for your children, looking to take advantage of dynamic global markets or want a cautious investment approach, our managed companies offer a wide range of investment objectives and strategies professionally managed by regional experts. If your priority is high income, long term capital growth or a mixture of both, Henderson Global Investors has a range of solutions which aims to meet your investment needs. Please remember that past performance is not a guide to future performance. The value of an investment and the income from it can fall as well as rise as a result of market and currency fluctuations, and you may not get back the amount originally invested. For more information visit 0800 856 5656 @HGiTrusts Find us on Facebook Issued Issued in in the the UK UK by by Henderson Henderson Global Global Investors. Investors. Henderson Henderson Global Global Investors Investors is is the the name name under under which which Henderson Henderson Global Global Investors Investors Limited Limited (reg. (reg. no. no. 906355), 906355), Henderson Henderson Fund Fund Management Management Limited Limited (reg. (reg. no. no. 26071 2607112), 12), Henderson Henderson Investment Investment Funds Funds Limited Limited (reg. (reg. no. no. 2678531), 2678531), Henderson Henderson Investment Investment Management Management Limited Limited (reg. (reg. no. no. 1795354), 1795354), Henderson Henderson Alternative Alternative Investment Investment Advisor Advisor Limited Limited (reg. (reg. no. no. 962757), 962757), Henderson Henderson Equity Equity Partners Partners Limited Limited (reg. (reg. no.2606646), no.2606646), Gartmore Gartmore Investment Investment Limited Limited (reg. (reg. no. no. 1508030), 1508030), (each (each incorporated incorporated and and registered registered in in England England and and Wales Wales with with registered registered office office at at 201 201 Bishopsgate, Bishopsgate, London London EC2M EC2M 3AE) 3AE) are are authorised authorised and and regulated regulated by by the the Financial Financial Conduct Conduct Authority Authority to to provide provide investment investment products products and and services. services. Telephone Telephone calls calls may may be be recorded recorded and and monitored. monitored. H021717/0316ad H021717/0316ad