Trustnet Magazine 94 April 2023 | Page 71

Vesuvius is a global leader in molten metal flow engineering products and technology , principally serving the steel and foundry industries . The company faces a number of short-term cyclical headwinds to trading , with steel production volumes depressed and deteriorating . However , with its shares trading on a forward P / E of 9x versus a long-term average of 12x , much of the bad news is already priced in . The company also continues to invest significantly in R & D , broadening its technological differentiation , which will accelerate market-share gains as demand dynamics improve . In the meantime , investors are paid to be patient with a dividend yield of 5.6 %.
Porvair is a specialist filtration and environmental technology group serving industry sectors such as aviation , molten metal , energy , water treatment and life sciences . The company has successfully aligned itself with attractive long-term structural trends in regulated markets , which has underpinned an excellent growth record and allowed it to deliver a 13 % annual compound growth rate in adjusted earnings and generate more than £ 150m in cash from its operations over the past 10 years . Recent projects include supplying products to SpaceX and working with ITER in its nuclear fusion experiments .
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