Trustnet Magazine 85 June 2022 | Page 66


Royal London UK Smaller Companies

Hargreaves Lansdown ’ s Kate Marshall says this fund could act as a diversifier in an adventurous portfolio

The Royal London UK Smaller Companies fund is the latest addition to our Wealth Shortlist – a list of funds across the major sectors , chosen by our analysts for their longterm performance potential . The smaller companies area of the UK market features some of the most exciting businesses around , including pioneers of emerging industries that can adapt quickly to new opportunities . This means they have plenty of room to grow , and can do so faster than larger businesses . While they can be more volatile than the household names in the FTSE 100 , we think they have a place in an investment portfolio with a truly long-term outlook .
Henry Lowson and Henry Burrell , who manage the Royal London UK Smaller Companies fund , focus on companies with long-term earnings growth potential , but they also consider valuations . This investment approach is known as GAAP – growth at an attractive price .
Time on their side As part of our analysis , we consider a fund manager ’ s history and track record . Lead manager Lowson has spent his career focused on smalland medium-sized UK companies . He joined AXA Framlington in 2005 , where he was mentored by veteran UK investor Nigel Thomas . He took charge of the Royal London
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