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Mona Shah ustainable investments at Stonehage Fleming

is “ positively surprised ” by the levels of data available , but concedes the problem is that it is not standardised , making comparisons difficult . On the plus side , she notes that in 2018 , only 20 % of companies in the MSCI World index had given a target or indication of their journey to net zero . “ That number is now 80 %,” she says . “ It may not be a clear plan , with science-based targets embedded , but investors need to ask themselves what ’ s important – to have a portfolio with the lowest carbon footprint possible or one that is all about the decarbonisation journey and actively enabling the fight against climate change .”
Unintended consequences Although ESG has become mainstream , it remains important for investors to align their participation within the subject with the rest of their investment beliefs . Those who want nothing to do with fossil fuels
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IN THE BACK Stockpicker Issue 78 / November 2021 I want to hold your hand Nick Burchett of the TM Stonehage Fleming AIM fund names three outsourcing companies providing essential support to their customers When The Beatles released “I Want to Hold Your Hand” in 1963, the world was a different place. Almost 60 years later, however, we are drawn to companies that offer a helping hand to their customers, performing essential activities more efficiently than they can do themselves. We look for companies that can retain annual service contracts with the view to expanding, becoming a trusted partner for their customers. They also need to be agile in the face of change: these are not just investing for “Yesterday”, but saying “We Can Work It Out”. / 64 / In a post-pandemic world where the NHS has been stretched to breaking point, Totally provides urgent healthcare services that relieve pressure on A&E departments. Subsidiary Vocare, for example, provides urgent-care assistance to NHS trusts, such as the NHS 111 phoneline and GP out-of-hours services. When the initial contract is granted, the trust quickly sees the benefit of expanding into other Totally services, allowing it to concentrate on other areas. As the dust settles on the pandemic, attention is turning to the secondary impact on people’s mental wellbeing. Up to one in five young people suffer from mental health illness in a typical year and Covid has exacerbated the problem. The signs of ill health in this area are not always obvious and families may not realise something is wrong. Existing NHS resources struggle to cover what is a growing problem, but fortunately, support is available from Kooth in the form of personalised digital mental healthcare. The Government is pushing ahead with a programme of digitalisation and with more than 400,000 civil servants on its books and a mountain of paper to organise, it needs the help of an expert such as Made Tech. A recent contract to expand online services at the DVLA highlights its progress, and it can build on this by moving into other agencies. The Government is spearheading a global charge to “one click” common forms that will build a central interface. Whether it is a self- employed tradesperson completing a tax return or a local council that needs a social housing database, Made Tech is helping everything “Come Together”. / 65 /