Trustnet Magazine 63 June 2020 | Page 2

Issue 63 / June 2020 Trustnet SHARE RAID Dipping into your pension as a last resort BORN AGAIN Fund, Pension, Trust / Data Hub / Sector Profile / Stockpicker / What I Bought Last ISSUE 63 Japan’s head start in adapting to the new normal CREDITS OPEN PLAN Why you can’t trust online pension planners TRUSTNET MAGAZINE IS PUBLISHED BY THE TEAM BEHIND TRUSTNET IN SOHO, LONDON WEBSITE: EMAIL: [email protected] CONTACTS: Anthony Luzio Editor T: 0207 534 7652 Javier Otero Art direction & design W: [email protected] Editorial Gary Jackson Editor (Trustnet) T: 0207 534 7680 Rob Langston News editor T: 0207 534 7696 Eve Maddock-Jones Reporter T: 0207 534 7676 Abraham Darwyne Reporter Rory Palmer Reporter Sales Richard Fletcher Head of publishing sales T: 0207 534 7662 Richard Casemore Account manager T: 0207 534 7669 Constance Candler Account manager T: 0207 534 7668 Photos supplied by iStock Cover illustration: Javier Otero Editor’s letter Although it feels counterintuitive, the best time to invest in markets is often after a crash. But the same rules don’t always apply to individual stocks: while you can make significant gains if they bounce back to previous levels, further falls are just as likely – as I find out in this Contents Unexploded bombs Battered stocks are just as likely to fall further as rebound quickly, writes Anthony Luzio P. 4-13 What’s the purpose of investing? The true meaning of investment has been buried in month’s cover feature. Investors in the accumulation stage of their pension may be the most tempted by this high risk/ reward trade-off, due to the lengthy time horizon they have to recover any losses. A more productive use of any spare time they may have during the economic lockdown a flurry of jargon and pseudoscience. Baillie Gifford partner Stuart Dunbar backs a return to basics P. 14-19 Pots and pandemics Daniel Lanyon evaluates the best technology and fintech apps for tracking down and 20 consolidating old pension pots P. 20-27