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Our Story Connecting Advertisers and Publishers Our Ads targets System Our Ads targets system is designed for zero tolerance against any sort of fraud attempts. We are very much concerned about the quality of clicks sent to our advertisers. We have robust fraud detection mechanisms to detect and reverse any fraud attempts/clicks. Please read the advertiser terms and publisher terms on the registration page before signing up. Adstargets is an online platform for advertisers and publishers. We provide best fraud free advertising solutions for advertisers of all sizes. Sign up for a free account to create interactive ads and get them to the right audience for optimal promotional experience for your business. Adstargets gives you the opportunity to advertise using banner ads, text ads, retarget ads, Pop-up ads and email advertisements. Your ads will be served worldwide through our large publisher's network. You will have the privilege to target your ads to a particular location and devices. Contact Us Email: [email protected] Website: Follow on Social Media Facebook Twitter LinkedIn TARGETS ADS Google+ Tumblr YouTube TARGETS ADS Trusted Ads Server for Advertisers and Publishers.