Trust is the Doorway to Success by Eric Stone

COULD TRUST BE THE DOORWAY TO FREEDOM? An essay in intuitive awareness and direct experience I don’t know about you but trust has never been easy for me. No need to apologise really. However, I seem to never cease reflecting on it and potentially I do see trust as a quasi-­‐enchanted gateway to experiential knowledge—ironically, the only kind of knowledge I trust. You know, actually eating the meal instead of starring at the great-­‐looking menu. I recently inquired into and expressed in my art journal that trust is possibly the doorway to a formidable sense of personal freedom. It just came out of me in a moment and I was fortunate to write it down. I realized that when I don’t trust I really miss myself. I feel vacant, anxious and irritated. I have known this for a long time but it doesn’t change the fact that trust is not easy for me. Hence, why I welcome and only trust experiential knowledge in all its forms. As I reflected and contemplated further on trust, it dawned on me that the lack or absence of trust is a homogenized frequency. What I mean is that it’s aquired in our early formative years. Beware of strangers type of parental advice or life is hard. Basically this absence of truts doesn’t belong to anyone in particular and it typically speaks through our minds: don’t trust anyone, competition is rampant or it’s a “dog eat dog” world out there. Be number one! Succeed no matter what. Plan your work and work your plan. It’s you or me not you and me, etc. In other words, don’t trust anyone. There are frequencies that are very difficult to resist and being cautious or mistrustful is one of them. I feel that the fear of the future is a very strong conditioning factor. I like the word frequency because it gets to the essence of how futile it is to resist it. It passes through you like a hot knife through butter. Frequency penetrates and informs you and until you serendipitously begin to experience your own, you just keep on absorbing the frequencies du jour. There are so many. A quote from my journal: “It is a pleasure, an honor and a kick in the derrière to be the natural and playful me everywhere I go. Sourced in my love, my appreciation and grounded in my breathing, I was born to be trusting, present and alert, not anxious, worried or irritated.” So, what happens when I am? I unwittingly buy into frequencies that inform me differently and I cease to trust life and what is happening. I stop being alert and then blame it on my mind or the circumstances. I become a victim, which comes as a bonus gift when you purchase the “don’t trust anyone or anything” bundle.