Trunkline Magazine (Louisville Zoo) Trunkline Magazine: September 2017 | Page 25

DEVELOPMENT "Only if we understand, can we care. Only if we care, will we help. Only if we help, shall they be saved." — Jane Goodall What does the Louisville Zoo mean to you? To many, the Louisville Zoo is a place to gather with family and friends to create memories. It is a place to connect with animals, nature, and with each other. For others, it’s a place to relax, get a little exercise and stretch your legs — and the legs of your little ones, too. We hope that everyone who visits the Louisville Zoo sees it as a com- munity treasure and something that makes you feel immensely proud. We hope you believe in your Zoo, want to see it continue to be the best it can be for today’s visitors and for future generations to enjoy as well. We hope you see the passion of our zoo keepers, the outstanding daily care provided to animals and the commitment to the conserva- tion of endangered species. We hope you could not imagine our city or state without it. Pause, for just a moment, and consider how life now and of future generations would be impacted if the Louisville Zoo, or any zoo, didn’t exist. Consider the lives of rescue animals like grizzly bears Otis, Rita and Inga, who may have had a dif- ferent fate had your Zoo not been available as a home for them. Con- sider your Zoo’s participation in the support. Many individuals choose to recovery of the black-footed ferret, support their Zoo with the purchase a species that has literally been of a membership or by attend- brought back from the brink of ing a special event. Others may extinction and reintroduced into the volunteer their time as a teen or Great Plains, thanks to the collec- adult volunteer. Some community tive efforts of zoos. Finally, imagine members are so moved by the great all of the children who would never work of their Zoo that they choose have the opportunity to see and to make an annual fund gift, round appreciate an elephant, polar bear, up their purchase for conservation gorilla or orangutan face- at concession stands, offer to-face. their financial support ...think Accredited zoos to build new animal about how your collectively reach habitats and educa- over 12 million tion facilities, or life and that of students annually even name the future generations through science Zoo in their estate and conservation would be impacted if plans. programming and matter the the Louisville Zoo, or size No field trips. Zoos of a gift — any zoo, didn’t also shape memo- every cent counts. ries f or 183 million Every penny donated exist. people each year. Zoos is an expression of con- work together to save spe- fidence in your Zoo and its cies through Species Survival Plans critical work. Every donation helps (SSP) and boost dwindling popula- the Louisville Zoo be what your tions in the remnant wild. Zoos are family, all our animals, and spe- sometimes the only remaining op- cies worldwide, need every day. To tion for an animal that has medical make a gift, call the development needs, geriatric issues or requires office at (502) 238-5615 or visit us special attention. online at This important work needs your Louisville Zoo Trunkline • Fall 2017 • 25