Trunkline Magazine (Louisville Zoo) Trunkline Magazine: September 2016 | Page 24

VOLUNTEER Halloween’s Helping Hands Volunteers are the lifeblood of the Louisville Zoo, particularly during the “The World’s Largest Halloween Party!” presented by Meijer. We couldn’t throw such a fantastic party without the support of our wonderful volunteers. This year, companies, fraternities, sororities, schools and individuals are dressing in their not-so-scary costumes to get ready for our 18-night event. Last year, a total of 1,527 volunteers helped the Zoo prepare for and host almost 76,000 princesses and superheroes! Volunteer hours totaled 9,432 saving the Zoo $75,456! Learn a little more about two schools that volunteer yearly and why they love volunteering for the Louisville Zoo. Saint Xavier High School Saint Xavier High School students have been volunteering with the Louisville Zoo since 2002. The school originally started volunteering during Louisville Zoo Halloween nights as a way to get students out and interacting with their local community. So far, it seems to be working. “We have community members that call to commend the students for their excellent work and interaction with the families at the event,” Teacher Jeffrey Farmer said. The students often work together in booths handing out candy, which Farmer said is a great team-building activity. The students also find the experience enjoyable. Matt Smith, Class of 2017 shared, “It’s a good feeling to give candy to the kids and see a huge smile on their faces.” Oliver Hern, Class of 2016, added, “Everyone at the Zoo is happy and just fun to work with.” Bullitt East High School Bullitt East students have been volunteering with the Louisville Zoo since 2001. Teacher Brandi Motler says she originally got her students involved with volunteering at the Zoo to get them helping out in places other than their normal community stomping grounds. Motler said her students love to dress up and interact with trick-or-treaters; and the opportunity is so beloved that the school has a wait list every year for volunteers. “It’s a great opportunity for students to be role models for the children they meet,” she said, “and the students get really excited when they run across a trick-ortreater costume look-alike.” Bullitt East hopes to stress the importance and value of giving back to the community and the positive impact students can have on those around them. Both schools extended their appreciation to the Zoo for providing them with the opportunity to work at such a fun and well-organized fundraising event that helps support the Zoo’s important mission. Thanks to all of our Halloween volunteers for your tremendous support. Your dedication is the reason we can put on an event that means so much to the Zoo and our community! 24 • Louisville Zoo Trunkline • Fall 2016 Above: Bullitt East High School students greet guests and dance at the Astro Disco. Below: St. Xavier students pose with the Land of Oz cast.