Trunkline Magazine (Louisville Zoo) Trunkline Magazine: September 2016 | Page 21


October 3 – 4
C is for Crocodiles , Cockatoos and Camp ! Grades : Pre-K – K Little learners will focus on letter recognition and early literacy skills in this camp with a Zoo twist . Multisensory centers , storytelling and short Zoo walks for little legs will keep your young reader engaged all day .
Dem Bones : Learning about vertebrates Grades : 1 – 3 With spooky skeleton decorations all around , there is no better time for your camper to investigate animals with backbones . This introduction to classification will include up-close looks at animal skeletons , animal skulls and some live animal contact .
Cue the Color Grades : 4 – 6 With the changing of the season , comes the explosion of fall color . Students will investigate the science behind leaf color change and discuss the ecology of our deciduous forest ecosystem .
November 7 – 8
Count on Fall Grades : Pre-K – K Investigate the colors and patterns of the fall and learn about leaves through counting , sorting and matching
Flight of the butterflies Grades : 1 – 3 Every year thousands of monarch butterflies migrate to Mexico ; learn about their amazing adventure and discover the other animals that make flights of their own .
Discover Raptors Grades : 4 – 6 Fall is the best time to see these amazing birds in their natural habitat . Learn what makes birds of prey unique and see some of our Zoo raptors up close !
December 19 – 21
Snow Safari Grades : Pre-K – K Baby it ’ s cold outside ! Discover the wonders of winter ; make your own snow and explore the sights and sounds of the season .
Cool Cats Grades : 1 – 3 Snow , wind , and freezing temperatures are no problem for these fabulous felines . Chill out at the Zoo and learn all about their amazing adaptations .
The Arctic Edge Grades : 4 – 6 Discover the challenges explorers face when attempting to learn about some of the world ’ s harshest environments .
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