Trunkline Magazine (Louisville Zoo) Trunkline Magazine: September 2016 | Page 10

ZOO NEWS A Sunny New Addition We recently installed 30 solar panels on the roof of the Zoo administrative building to help offset energy consumption. These panels will help us reduce our carbon footprint. The funds were donated to us by the estate of Sharon M. Kremer, an educator, environmentalist, Zoo friend and advocate. We also have plans to install solar panels near our Metazoo Discovery Center and train station thanks to our Maintenance Supervisor Racheal Butrum, who took the initiative to learn how to install additional solar panels. A Temporary Tortoise Trip Recently we moved Spike, a male African spurred tortoise, into the addax exhibit. He normally resides at Boma African Petting Zoo, but was moved for the summer to let him get exercise, fresh grass and extra sunlight for some added vitamin D. The addax were startled at first, mistaking Spike for a rock. The addax have now become accustomed to his presence and Spike the tortoise is fitting in nicely. Spike will return to Boma later in the fall. Kindi’s J ourney week 18 t to you Brough Kindi Meets Her Family Kindi is in the process of being introduced to her gorilla family. You can continue to follow Kindi’s progress in the Kindi’s Journey online scrapbook brought to you by Baptist Health. Visit the scrapbook at to see video and photos and learn more about her story. by From the MAYOR We know Louisville is a city in transformation — a community full of charm, surprises and exciting new ventures. And word is getting out. I’m proud to share that we’re becoming a top tourist destination in the world, touted by USA Today as among the top 14 places to visit in 2016; by The Culture Trip as among the 15 Best Cities in the World for Food, and by the World Food Travel Association as Best Destination Experience, just to name a few. We start with the delicious local KINDI’S JOURNEY Brought to you by food our Kentucky farmers produce, combine that with our innovative chefs and serve it with our signature drink, and offer a unique combination we call bourbonism. That’s one of the reasons tourism is booming and we’re now proud to welcome 16 million visitors a year to our city. Many of them come at the invitation of our Louisville Zoo friends and member families, so thank you for spreading the word. Louisville is working hard to make sure people outside the city know about all the great things happening here. The Louisville Convention and Visitors Bureau recently launched a redesigned logo (see above) for Lou- 10 • Louisville Zoo Trunkline • Fall 2016 isville to better reflect the changes here, and to put our best foot forward for a new generation of guests to our city. I encourage you to visit the impressive new website that will be the front door for most of our visitors as they — and you — search for things to see and do in Louisville. We hope the site — not to mention all the great things happening here — inspire you to invite more friends and family members to share in all the unique adventures our city offers. See it here at