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YOU HELP SAVE ANIMALS! What you did to help the pan african sactuary alliance this year! Did you know? Twenty-fi ve cents from every Louisville Zoo general admission ticket and one dollar from every membership goes to conservation. Collectively, these quarters and dollars can make a huge impact! Just by visiting the Zoo or becoming a member, you play an important part in helping vital conservation efforts around the world. In January, the Louisville Zoo received a thank you from Pan African Sanctuary Alliance Executive Director Gregg Tully for a grant of $1800 that helped to fund PASA’s annual Strategic Development Conference in Uganda. This confer- ence is primarily for the directors of member wildlife centers and other people interested in primate protec- tion and conservation. Grant funds were used to sponsor Larry Taylor to attend the conference. Larry is the Deputy Director of Ape Action Africa in Cameroon, which is home to more than 250 rescued primates including gorillas, chimpanzees and a wide range of monkeys. Forty-fi ve people participated in the conference, including leaders of PASA member organizations, board of directors, and other individuals committed to the conservation and protection of Africa’s great apes and monkeys. The primary goals of the conference were to learn about the current needs of PASA’s mem- ber wildlife centers, determine how Photo of gorilla taken by Pan African Sanctuary Alliance Executive Director Gregg Tully during his conference visit to Africa. PASA can help to address them, provide training in fundraising and other areas of interest, strengthen organizations’ capacity to be leaders in primate conservation, and offer a forum for sharing ideas and knowl- edge between primate protection organizations. Before the confer- ence, PASA sent a survey to the directors of all member organiza- tions to determine the topics most important to them and ensure the conference agenda was informed by their needs and interests. Among other topics, a presentation was given regarding the situation facing the chimpan- zees in Liberia that were used for medical research and then aban- doned. Presentations included a brief history of the chimpanzees and the political turmoil in Liberia, the current state of the chimpan- zees in their care, the project’s funding sources, and their long- term goals for establishing a PASA member sanctuary in Liberia. Gregg Tully said the atmosphere was very positive and collabora- tive, and it set a good foundation for PASA’s programs and collabo- ration with the wildlife centers in 2017. The Louisville Zoo is proud to support PASA as a wildlife partner and their critical work to protect primates in the remnant wild. Inside Your Zoo On April 3, it was announced that AZA and more than 100 of its members have pledged over $1 million toward the emergency rescue of the vaquita, a species of porpoise endemic to the Gulf of California, which is now considered the world’s most endangered marine mammal. Scientists estimate the entire population at just 30 animals, only half of what it was a year earlier. Your Louis- ville Zoo has committed $5,000 from our Conservation Fund toward this effort. Louisville Zoo Trunkline • Summer 2017 • 7