Trunkline Magazine (Louisville Zoo) Trunkline Magazine: June 2017 - Page 25

DEVELOPMENT Inspiring Action Walking through a grocery store one day, a four-year-old girl who has just started to identify words, holds up a container of cookies and asks her mom, “does this have palm oil in it?” This question is the result of one interaction at the Louisville Zoo. While visiting the Zoo, this little girl met orangutan Amber in the Islands. She showed Amber her stuffed animal, her painted fi nger- nails and what was in her backpack — and Amber was not shy returning her interest. While the little girl and Amber bonded, a Zoo keeper was able to have a conversa- tion with both child and par- ent about Am- ber, her wild orangutan cousins and why they are critically endangered. Fast-forward to the next grocery store visit for the mother and child. The child grabs a container of cookies, but this time, the mom turns the container over and looks at the ingredient list: palm oil. “I’m sorry, sweetie. It has palm oil in it — that thing hurting orang- utan homes,” mom says. Without hesitation, but a little disappointed, the little girl places it back on the shelf. From that moment on, when What if everyone had the chance to visit their Zoo? choosing items during grocery trips, the little girl almost always turns to mom and asks, “Does this have palm oil in it?” Zoos offer us the opportunity to create memories that can last a lifetime, a chance to reminisce about happy times with loved ones or recall a special moment from childhood. Zoos can feel like a safe place: an escape from the everyday pressure of our lives. They are also a place to help us learn to make decisions in our daily lives that are in better bal- ance with the earth and ani- mals across the globe. Your gifts to the An- nual Fund, capital exhibit projects, be- quests for the future, gifts to support conservation initiatives and research plus under- writing for fi eld trips for underprivi- leged children all help us accomplish our mission to “better the bond between people and our planet.” Your gifts help moments like the one with Amber, a little girl and her mother possible. Of all Louisville’s many wonderful attractions, noth- ing seems to capture the hearts and minds of children as much as your Louisville Zoo. A visit to the Zoo helps to bring classroom lessons to life for students. One teacher wrote, “Every year, there are a handful of students who have never been to the Zoo. This year, when I announced the trip, a little boy rushed forward and hugged me, exclaiming, “I’ve never been to the Zoo! Thank you! Thank you!” He knows what the Zoo is, but has never been able to go. At least half of my class would be unable to pay for the trip without assis- tance from Zoo Kids, Inc.” Zoo Kids, Inc. is a program which offers fi nancial as- sistance to subsidize educa- tional fi eld trips to the Zoo for schools and non-profi t organizations serving a large percentage of underprivi- leged children. If you would like to make a contribution to support this initiative, please contact us at (502) 238-5386 or make a gift online at Lou- Please consider a donation today to help us continue to in- spire others. Visit us online at (Please select Zoo Kids, Inc. in the Gift Designation portion of the online giving portal to allocate your gift to this program.) Louisville Zoo Trunkline • Summer 2017 • 25