Trunkline Magazine (Louisville Zoo) Trunkline Magazine: June 2017 - Page 23

VOLUNTEERS F�l�o�i�g t�e b�a� o� D�ff �r�n� D�u�m�r�! Thrum, thrum, the sound of the drum! Wild Beats is a docent educational program started in mid- 2016 that uses hand drums to help Zoo visitors experience how sounds and sound combinations can be used to communicate. Animals have their own way of communicating using sound; lions roar to show their territory, birds sing to attract a partner, and rattlesnakes shake their tail to ward off threats. Through Wild Beats, docents are helping guests to better understand these animals through participation in a drumming and listening activity. Wild Beats was developed from the ideas of Maureen Chambers, Wild Beats members (left to right): Jeff Reesor, Joyce Clark, Maryann King, Fred Miller, Maureen Chambers, Bob Tabler Maryann King and Fred Miller. Do- cents Joyce Clark, Jeff Reesor and Bob Tabler later joined the group, making six members. The group’s volunteer experience at the Zoo ranges from 1 to 15 years, but only two of the Wild Beats members had any prior musical experience. So, the six docents paid for hand drum lessons from professional drum instructor Rob Edwards, a teacher of percussion for over 20 years, to turn their creative educational ideas into reality. The results so far are big smiles from Zoo guests and, hopefully, a newfound connection and apprecia- tion for animals, their use of sounds and their day-to-day existence in the remnant wild. Next time you visit, be sure to listen for Wild Beats as they just might call you to a unique and enlightening Zoo experi- ence. Just look for six drumming docents on the front plaza periodi- cally throughout the summer. A Stellar Effort On February 28, 2017, our Louisville Zoo Youth Board paid the remainder of their $25,000 pledge one year early with a check for $12,500. This amazing 50-member board, past and present, has donated $80,000 to- ward major Zoo exhibits and other enhancements through money raised by face painting, sand art and other fun activities for guests. Volunteer Coordinator Diane Taylor has done a phenomenal job mentor- ing this group to become compassionate, productive adults who care about wildlife. Our volunteers are truly remarkable — thank you all for your support! Check photo (Left to right): Darryl Metzger, President of Foundation Board; Caleb O’Meara, Youth Board Vice President; John Parker Lyons, Youth Board President; John Walczak, Zoo Director Below: 2017 Youth Board Louisville Zoo Trunkline • Summer 2017 • 23