Trunkline Magazine (Louisville Zoo) Trunkline Magazine: June 2017 - Page 19

SUSTAINABILITY SUSTAINABLE SUMMER A Reminder from American Association of Zoo Keepers (Louisville Chapter) Ah summertime! That time of the year where we get outdoors and en- joy longer days and warmer weather. Did you know you can have an ac- tive, healthy and enjoyable summer and still be sustainable? Kick off your fun and sustainable summer by dusting off that bicycle that’s been hiding! Everyone knows that biking is great exercise — but it’s also very sustainable. It takes less CO2 emissions to produce a bicycle compared to an automobile. Plus, when you ride a bike, the only fuel you are using is energy powered by YOU! You can cut down on CO2 output and get a great workout in the process. If you aren’t a bike person, walking is even better. Now that you’re traveling sustain- ably, where should you go? Visit a farmers market! More than 10 percent of greenhouse emis- sions result from the production and transport of food. Food transporta- tion requires fossil fuels and often times, fertilizers used on crops are also fossil fuel-based. At a farmers market, you will usually fi nd products that were grown and produced with- in a 100 mile radius which means less CO2 in the atmosphere because the food hasn’t traveled across the county or overseas to get there. You also benefi t from some delicious fresh produce! If you visit a market on a regular basis, you can get to know the Save time. Every time. Use Online Check-in. 40 Great Louisville area locations. Any Haircut 7 $ 99 | | Not valid with any other offers. Limit one coupon per customer. Valid at participating Louisville area salons. Offer Expires: 7/28/17 Find us at farmers and get an idea about their production methods, fertilizers used, and whether the farmers let their animals free graze on the available natural food sources growing on their farms. Free grazing reduces the need for supplemental animal food, which must be manufactured, processed and shipped, adding even more emis- sions into the environment. So, be sure take advantage of this beautiful season of abundance and enjoy a bike ride, walk and some fresh food from your local farmers market as often as possible! From Mayor Greg Fischer One of the core values of my administration is helping Louis- ville to become a healthier city. We achieve that through a range of initiatives such as working to reduce our carbon footprint, improve air quality and increase wellness. Recently, we unveiled a new tool that ad- dresses all that, along with the added benefi t of boosting a sustainable mode of transportation: LouVelo, a bike share program created with the support of nine local businesses. LouVelo ties together our city’s goals to im- prove transportation, sustainability and wellness. I believe it also will help with talent attraction and retention, since we know that many of our 21st Century workers like to bike when they can. As part of LouVelo, our city now has 300 bikes positioned at 28 bike share stations in down- town, Old Louisville, NuLu, near Waterfront Park and in between — all are available for short-term use. Participants will be able to pick up a bike at one station and return it to any other station in the system, making it easy to travel from one lo- cation to another during the work or school day wit