Trunkline Magazine (Louisville Zoo) Trunkline Magazine: June 2017 - Page 15

Flutter on over Learn more about our new exhibit, a full list of butterfl y species you are likely to encounter, benefi cial bugs, frequently asked questions, do's & don'ts for when you visit, plus see fun butterfl y merchandise and more at ies. Don’t Miss "Flutter Fest" Our High-Flying Event Join us on September 23, 2017 for Flutter Fest! This season’s butterfl y adventure will culminate with the tagging and release of 1,000 monarch butterfl ies brought to you by Idlewild Butterfl y Farm. The re- lease coincides with the annual migration of monarch butterfl ies. "Bug out" while you participate in fun education activities from 10 – 2 p.m. The Reign of the Monarch has Begun! The monarch butterfl y is one of the most extraor- dinary animals on earth. They are the only butterfl ies in the world that complete a two-way migration each year! The monarch butterfl ies that you see in Kentucky each summer are the grandchildren of monarchs that fl ew north from Mexico in the spring. At the end of the sum- mer, our monarchs will fl y to Mexico — a place they’ve never been before. Just like a car or a plane, monarchs need fuel. Instead of gas stations, they stop at fl owers! Nectar is full of energy; just a sip can carry a butterfl y for many miles. However, there aren’t as many fl owers as there used to be. The Louisville Zoo is proud to announce we are a certifi ed Monarch Waystation. Monarch Waystations provide butterfl ies critical pit stops during their migration cycle. You can fi nd out more about how to become a waystation at ies. Louisville Zoo Trunkline • Summer 2017 • 15