Trunkline Magazine (Louisville Zoo) June 2018 | Page 14

Butterflies n' Blooms Open NOW through Sept. 23, 2018 Daily 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. FREE with admission or membership. Wing It! This season, wing it a little at the Zoo in our popular butterfly exhibit. Experience summer in full color as you walk amongst hundreds of na- tive butterflies plus host plants and brightly colored nectar flowers in our 1,000 sq. ft. outdoor flight house. The butterfly season will start with a large col- lection of painted lady butterflies flying freely and basking in the sunlight. As the summer progresses, the species will also change. You’ll want to visit again and again! Visit terflies to see what’s flying. You are likely to spot monarchs, red spotted purples, swal- lowtails and more. Meet Some Painted Ladies This butterfly can be identified by the black and white corners of its deep orange and black-spotted wings. It has five white spots in the black forewing tips. It is the most widely distributed butterfly in the world and found on all continents except for Australia and Antarctica. The painted lady is also known as the cosmopolitan because of its global distribution. You can find them almost anywhere — from gar- dens and old fields to vacant lots. Its scientific name, Vanessa cardui, translates as "butterfly of thistle." Thistle, which can be an invasive weed, is one of the painted lady caterpillar's favorite food plants. Painted lady butterflies prefer the nectar from thistles as well as aster, cosmos, blazing star, ironweed and joe-pye weed. So, come and let your summer fun take flight — and leave with a better understanding of the environment and protections needed for the sur- vival of these spectacular butterflies. Plus, you’ll learn ways to help them thrive in your own backyard! Learn more at 14 • Louisville Zoo Trunkline • Summer 2018 Official Monarch Waystation! Official monarch waystations like the Louisville Zoo provide butterflies critical pit stops during their migration cycle. Learn more about how to become a waystation at