Trunkline Magazine (Louisville Zoo) June 2018 | Page 12

HEY LEGO® FANS! NOW THROUGH SEPT. 3, 2018! Presented by BE AMAZED at the larger-than-life sculptures of wildlife designed by Artist Sean Kenney. His talented team of builders spent over 6,500 hours and used over 770,000 LEGO bricks to create 13 impressive works of art hoping to inspire you to learn more about endangered wildlife and to join us as we strive to build a better future for wildlife, brick-by-brick. Just as LEGO bricks interconnect, everything in nature is intercon- nected in a delicate balance. Each sculpture in our Nature Connects ® display depicts a different vulnerable species (with one already extinct): animals that could use our help. The collection comes together to help visitors understand the connection between animal conservation and our world. Throughout the exhibit, guests will learn how the sculptures relate to animal conservationists working to build a better future for these animals. EXCITING VIDEO! Visit our website to view be- hind-the-scenes video of Sean and his team building these awe-inpiring sculptures. FIND OUT MORE AT LOUISVILLEZOO.ORG/BRICKS 12 • Louisville Zoo Trunkline • Summer 2018