Troup Texas Chamber of Commerce 2020-2021 - Page 8

Joe Layne Family Community Builder Award 2020
The story of the Cameron-J . Jarvis Troup Municipal Library starts in June of 1989 when the City Council approved an ordinance outlying the creation of a public library and appointed a committee to see what the requirements would be . Two months later , approval was given for a library to be built , but after searching for a location to build , a bid was submitted in September to purchase the vacant Piggly Wiggly Store and not build .
Mrs . Eleanor Cameron and Mrs . Julietta Jarvis were instrumental in the initial plans to establish the library that the City Council voted to name the future library “ The
Cameron-J . Jarvis Troup Municipal Library .” In December of 1989 , the building was purchased ; however , it would take until the JULIETTA JARVIS following year for plans to be submitted and approved . Renovations and construction started in 1991 and on June 7 , 1992 the Cameron-J . Jarvis Troup Municipal Library officially opened .
Thanks to their financial contributions to start the library and their continued annual support , the Cameron and Jarvis families are a vital piece to the operation of the library . Each family has a representative on the library board to continue their involvement and their family legacy .