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Article provided by The American Motorcycle Association


World-class Collection Of Vintage Matchless , AJS , Rickman Parts For Sale
Vern Phillips collection donated to AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame
Vern Phillips was one of the most accomplished collectors of Matchless and AJS competition vintage motorcycles . Over several years , he assembled an impressive cache of racing parts , expertly restored engines , Rickman racing frames and a wide selection of new-old-stock parts .
A professional engineer before he retired , Mr . Phillips was a master builder of vintage race bikes and put great care into purchasing , restoring and assembling top-quality motorcycles .
Mr . Phillips passed away in 2009 . His wife , Rose Phillips , donated a significant portion of his collection to the AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame to be sold for the benefit of the charity .
“ Many of these parts are in excellent or like-new condition , and nearly all of them are very good quality ,” said Bruce Moffat , chief financial officer of the American Motorcyclist Association , which manages the AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame . “ The engines are quite possibly the cleanest competitionworthy examples of their kind in the world . The Rickman Metisse frames are also very desirable .”
Parts in the collection include numerous engines , frames , frame parts , carburetors , fasteners , controls of all kinds , bearings , bushings , seals , magneto parts , chassis parts , sprockets , shock absorbers , fork legs , tachometers and speedometers , air cleaners , alternators , seat pans and tail pieces , fenders , wheels and more .
Some of the more valuable pieces include original Rickman Metisse MK 3 frames , a race-modified G80CS engine in excellent / like-new condition , a G3C trials engine , and a Matchless G80S rolling chassis . Many more parts are of similar value . Moffat says that the AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame welcomes interest in Mr . Phillips ’ parts from collectors and vintage racers . “ True lovers of history , Mr . and Mrs . Phillips intended for this donation to financially benefit the AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame , and it ’ s our duty to carry out their wishes and make this collection available to fellow enthusiasts ,” Moffat said . “ Plus , Mr . Phillips was a master engineer , builder and a racer . We ’ re confident he would want to see his collection once again grace the field of competition .” To contact the AMA about purchasing the Vern Phillips ’ collection , email bmoffat @ amacycle . org or call ( 614 ) 856-1900 , ext . 1296 .
This Matchless G80CS engine was freshly built by Vern before it went into storage . It has a shortened cylinder , a Corrillo connecting rod , J & E pistons , a dynamically balanced drank and has been modified for use in a Rickman Metisse MK 3 frame .
These G80CS engine cases and cylinder are in excellent condition . Here , they are mated with a special competition head modified by Andy Lee .
This Metisse MK 3 frame is designed to fit a Matchless G80CS engine .
A partially restored rolling chassis for This 1959 G80CS gas tank is designed Magazine for competition 14 .
a Matchless G80S is also Thunder part of the Roads collection
The collection includes numerous miscellaneous frames , chassis parts and suspension pieces in
Thunder Roads Magazine 28