TRM MO/So. IL 2022-March - Page 24

Thunder Roads Magazine 11
WOW it’s been crazy crazy round here. Hot ... cold... Hot .... Cold then snow and what the hell... now 3 days in the 60’s and snow back on the forecast now.. again... Aarghhh!!! My body and sinus are killin me!! By now I’m hopin at least a few of ya had a couple good days riding. ABATE’s been at the Capitol and all our stuff is doin good. Just slowly goin through the motions on lighting and maybe some tax reduction. Maybe on the taxes cause we all know them Gov folks don’t like givin up money!! We did get a Driver’s Ed bill filed but with everything going on, it’ll get a review and more work in future sessions. It’s a slow process folks and yea it really gets aggravatin. There are a couple Distracted Driving bills we’ve been workin at but again they’re not top on the Capitols agenda. Think about this -- Last year we had an increase of almost 14% of traffic crashes with injuries and fatalities. A big portion of these were due to drivers not payin attention or usin their cell phones. You got a choice.. Help us get more support and get a change done or keep visiting folks at the hospitals and funeral homes. I’m tired of benefit rides and losing people from stupid drivers. It’s time to get off ur azz’z and get loud... Time to make some noise! Or you can just blow this off and bitch about it. Yea you can shake your head n tell me to piss off... Here is a question to ponder. Who’s next?? ABATE for Missouri is workin on it but we need more people to make a difference. We’ve passed Bills and made changes. Let’s get this done. Tony Shepherd DON’T GET LEFT BEHIND Advertise In THUNDER ROADS Thunder Roads Magazine 22