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allowance on the motorcycle of the buyer given in trade to the seller , or of the proceeds applicable only to the motorcycle as are received from the manufacturer of motorcycles for the repurchase of the motorcycle whether the repurchase was voluntary or not towards the purchase of a new or used motorcycle by the buyer .” Gov . McKee ‘ s proposed tax break would only apply to the trade-in value of a bike , or reselling bikes in general , and could be a great way to get new riders on R . I . roads .
UK DECARBONIZATION PLAN EYES E-BIKES The British government has launched an action plan that it ’ s hoped will help realize the potential electric motorcycles and scooters offer for reducing emissions and congestion . The Motorcycle Industry Association ( MCIA ) have been working with specialists tasked by the Government to find out what needed to be done to increase the use of smaller electric vehicles .“ Traditionally , powered two-wheelers and other types of PLVs ( Powered Light Vehicles ) have often been absent from national and local policy due to an underappreciation or lack of awareness of their potential benefits to the environment ,” says MCIA chief , Tony Campbell . “ The launch of this Action Plan is a landmark for our sector , and we look forward to continuing our work with the Government and industry to ensure the full and proper implementation of the Plan ’ s recommendations .” The measures that the MCIA have recommended are broad and far reaching , covering everything from ensuring that licensing laws keep up with the evolution of new electric bikes to building a UK based supply chain to help lower costs .
DANES FACE MOTORCYCLE CONFISCATION FOR ‘ INSANE ’ RIDING Danish authorities are confiscating three motorcycles a day for what the authorities are claiming is ‘ insane ’ riding . The rules first came into force in March 2021 , and in a nutshell , allow the police and authorities to enforce much stricter penalties for what is deemed to be dangerous and illegal riding or driving . Up to and including the offender ’ s vehicle being seized , with seized machines sent off and sold at auction ! The scheme isn ’ t just aimed at residents of the Nordic beauty spot , those travelling in and through the nation are also liable . FEMA ( Federation of European Motorcyclists ’ Associations ) reports that anyone touring in or through , holidaying , or on business in Denmark , using two wheels or four is liable
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to be hit with the same penalties . The system seems to be working too , as FEMA reports that in the first six months after the new rules came into force , the police seized a total of 510 vehicles , while 623 charges have been filed in 586 cases involving “ insane driving .”
RESEARCHERS FIND DRIVERS AND RIDERS SEE DIFFERENTLY A road safety study from England ’ s Bournemouth University has found that drivers and riders on the road see ‘ different things ’ and have a very different visual perception of what is going on around them . The project was led by PhD researcher ( and BMW rider ) Shel Silva , who assessed the neurological and cognitive influences of motorcyclists and car drivers . “ The brain has developed an interest in things which are threats ,” explains the report , which found that road users would see larger objects on the road , trucks , buses , and so on , as a greater threat than smaller objects such as motorcycles . Silva also found that a motorcyclist ’ s identification , perception , and knowledge of potential risks would change depending on their motorcycling qualifications and experience . To complete the study , Silva used eye-tracking and interviews using grounded theory to investigate the causes of collisions . It uncovered that a motorcycle rider can be masked by a natural blind spot in the human eye . And that a driver ’ s brain can experience saccadic masking ( when the brain fills in the information when moving the eyes from one point to another ), potentially causing a motorcyclist to be obscured from view . Silva recommends making minor lane adjustments prior to a maneuver or turn , which can trigger a visual orienting response to capture drivers ’ attention .“ The research is suggesting that by understanding motorcyclists ’ knowledge and identification of risks it is possible to better inform training and materials which appeal to motorcyclists ,” she said . “ It is key to understand that motorcyclists do not need training about how to ride a motorcycle but would benefit from more skills regarding how to read the road and other road users .”
QUOTABLE QUOTE : “ Insanity in individuals is something rare -- but in groups , parties , nations , and epochs it is the rule .” ~ Friedrich Nietzsche ( 1844 - 1900 ), German Philosopher
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