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U . S . MOTORCYCLE SALES CONTINUE UPWARD TREND New motorcycle sales in the U . S . continued to rise across all segments last year , the Motorcycle Industry Council ( MIC ) announced . While bike sales continue to improve , it ’ s also worth noting that the Motorcycle Safety Foundation saw enrollment in its basic rider courses grow significantly in 2021 as well , so it ’ s good news all-around with more riders on more bikes .“ In addition to strong sales , we are seeing strong demand for riding training and education ,” said MIC president and CEO Erik Pritchard . “ The Motorcycle Safety Foundation saw an estimated 48 % increase in enrollment in 2021 over 2020 .” Overall motorcycle sales rose 14.2 % over 2020 , and 21.8 % over 2019 figures , across all segments . That includes scooters , which by themselves rose 19.6 % over 2020 , and 31.4 % over 2019 numbers , while on-road bike sales rose 12.9 % over 2020 , but what ’ s especially encouraging is sales of dual-sport and off-road bikes . The strange year that was 2020 saw a 46.2 % increase in dual sport sales over 2019 numbers , and in 2021 dual-sport motorcycle sales rose an additional 18.6 % over those 2020 numbers . Pure off-road bikes also saw sales rise 42.9 % in 2021 over 2019 . These marketing figures were gleaned from sales data that the MIC compiles from 14 major OEMs and distributors across America , and it ’ s an encouraging outlook as we vroom into 2022 .
BUMPER YEAR FOR BIKING DESPITE REPEATED COVID THREATS Amidst the doom and gloom of both winter weather and the lingering effects of the global pandemic , it may come as a surprise that 2021 was one of the strongest years for motorcycling in well over a decade , with new bike sales worldwide on an upward swing and more people joining the two-wheeled fold . Anecdotal evidence from training schools here and across the pond reflected a huge surge of people wanting to get into motorcycling and now the latest data confirms it . Ducati reports that 2021 was their best sales year on record , up globally an impressive 24 % on 2020 , which was heavily impacted by Coronavirus , but also a massive 12 % up on 2019 . And it ’ s not just Ducati celebrating success either , with BMW announcing 2021 was their best-ever year of global sales - jumping 14.8 % from 2020 . Despite concerns an exit from the European Union might hinder growth in the UK , motorcycle sales there increased by 26.6 %, spurring a 9.3 % rise in registrations .
BRACE FOR DAMAGED SUPPLY CHAIN RECOVERY With 2021 being the rollercoaster that it was , supply chains around the world have been hit with a crisis of limited product availability : “ Starting in 2020 , companies reacted to the economic downturn by cancelling production plans for the next year , only to be blindsided by an upswing in demand prompted by rapid vaccine rollouts and fiscal support for rich-world household spending ,” explains a report from KitCo . “ At the same time , virus containment measures and infection clusters triggered labour shortages and factory shutdowns , just as consumer spending was shifting from services to goods .” Right around this point was when the Powersports market saw an especially huge surge in sales ; people had nowhere to go , so they bought bikes and other toys to have fun locally . Today , restrictions are consistently looser than ever , thanks to the milder Omicron variants -- and with the loosened limitations come a tentatively positive upswing for the market -- an upswing that , if we ’ re
lucky , will mean an end to supply shortages and the healing of damaged income streams , predicts webbikeworld . com .“ At some point during this year , we will see a more ‘ normal situation ’,” says Soren Skou , head of shipping giant Maersk , who predicts employees will soon return to work at ports , inflating demand for shipment services and thereby contributing to the mending of at least one sector of the supply chain . All told , executives of Powersports manufacturers are anticipating a hike in raw product prices for 2022 . In the meantime , the global semiconductor shortage has impacted multiple industries , including automotive and powersports . Over 80 % of the microchips in products consumed by Americans are manufactured in Asia , whose production has reduced following the pandemic . This has resulted in a severe shortage across the world . As a result , companies like Bosch have increased investment in microchip manufacturing ; however , it will be a while until new players like Intel Corp and Samsung can overcome the current deficit . House Democrats and President Biden are pushing for $ 52B of investment in semiconductor production and research to speed up the process further . For consumers , we ’ ve seen vehicle costs rise by over 10-15 % the past couple of years due to product shortages and supply chain issues , and this will likely continue until a more permanent solution is found .
STUDY SHOWS THAT ETHANOL IS WORSE FOR THE CLIMATE THAN GASOLINE Analysis of corn-based ethanol production from end-to-end yields some potentially bad news for this biofuel . While riders have long understood that ethanol can have ill effects on our bikes , a new study published in the “ Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences ” found that it may have other downsides , too . Ethanol was supposed to be environmentally advantageous as compared to gasoline , but in the study , researchers dove deeper into how the U . S . Renewable Fuel Standard ’ s outcomes were measuring up to the country ’ s goals . Instead of simply limiting its observations to any one part of the corn-based ethanol production and consumption processes , researchers gathered data on all parts of the ethanol production cycle . Upon taking important things like land use changes , fertilizer increases , and the like into account , researchers reported findings that corn-based ethanol is 24 % more carbon-intensive than gasoline production . If these numbers are even remotely accurate , it ’ s concerning .“ It basically reaffirms what many suspected , that corn ethanol is not a climate-friendly fuel and we need to accelerate the shift toward better renewable fuels , as well as make improvements in efficiency and electrification ,” lead study author and scientist Tyler Lark said in a statement . This study ’ s release comes shortly before the U . S . Environmental Protection Agency is expected to propose updated 2023 requirements to the country ’ s biofuel policies .
RHODE ISLAND PROPOSES TAX CUT FOR MOTORCYCLE RIDERS Rhode Island has just had a 2022 budget proposal that could potentially provide a “ sales tax exemption for the trade-in value of motorcycles .” Governor Daniel McKee ‘ s proposed 2022 budget , H 7123 , includes motorcycle tax cuts used strictly for pleasure purposes ; ( 67 ) Trade-in value of motorcycles “ From the sale and from the storage , use , or other consumption in this state of so much of the purchase price paid for a new or used motorcycle as is allocated for a trade-in
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DUCATI PRESENTS THE LIMITED AND NUMBERED XDIAVEL NERA EDITION: “ELEGANCE. UNLIMITED.” Made in Italy design and craftsmanship combine with technol- ogy and innovation in a motorcycle made by Ducati in part- nership with Poltrona Frau’s Interiors in Motion Business Unit The XDiavel Nera will be produced in a limited-edition num- bered series of 500 units: it is characterized by the elegant “Black on Black” livery and by a special customizable saddle made of Pelle Frau® The possibility to choose between five different colours for the saddle and the delivery of a key ring and a matching document holder enrich the personality of a motorcycle that makes individualization a distinctive feature The XDiavel is Ducati’s techno-cruiser that expresses the power of opposites, combining the relaxed pace typical of the cruiser world with the sporty ride and thrilling performance of Ducati Borgo Panigale (BO) / Tolentino (MC), Italy, 17 February 2022 The partnership between two brand ambassadors of Made in Italy in the world like Ducati and Poltrona Frau has led to the creation of a fascinating project: the Ducati XDiavel Nera. The bike was presented to the public in the seventh episode of the Ducati World Première web series (direct link to the video here). The XDiavel Nera project comes to life from the values ​​shared by the two companies: the passion for design, craftsmanship tradition, the use of cutting-edge technologies and an apti- tude for innovation. The result is a motorcycle that is unique in its character and aesthetics, which communicate Italian de- sign, and it will be produced in a numbered edition limited to 500 units. Andrea Ferraresi, Director of the Centro Stile Ducati: “The XDiavel Nera project was born from the encounter between two Italian excellences. Ducati and Poltrona Frau are two brands with a unique history, they share a passion for beauty and well-made objects, they are strongly Italian and make craftsmanship a distinctive element, always supporting it with sophisticated technological solutions and the use of high- quality materials. The XDiavel Nera perfectly summarizes the values ​​that unite Ducati and Poltrona Frau. It is a unique mo- torcycle with an unmistakable identity, a splendid expression of the excellence of Made in Italy “. The collaboration with Ducati, introduced with the Ducati Scrambler Club Italia project, benefits from the experi- ence gained over the years by the Interiors in Motion area of ​​Poltrona Frau. The Interiors in Motion Business Unit specializes in the creation, construction and supply of dis- tinctive leather interiors in the premium automotive, avia- tion, rail transport and offshore navigation sectors. Giovanni Maiolo, Poltrona Frau Interiors in Motion Busi- ness Unit Director: “There is great satisfaction for the work done together with Ducati on the XDiavel Nera. We are proud to be part of this 100% Italian project that has fascinated us from the very beginning and has given us the opportunity to once again demonstrate our know-how and our ability to design in co-design projects by combin- ing innovation and craftsmanship.” will also receive an exclusive key ring and document holder made of Pelle Frau® leather in the matching colour to the one chosen for the saddle. with ABS Cornering. At the front it features Brembo mono- bloc M50 calipers and two 320 mm discs, while at the rear we can find a single 265 mm disc. XDiavel is the result of a crossover between two apparently different and distant universes. On the one hand, the relaxed pace at low speed typical of the Cruiser world and on the oth- er the sporty riding and exciting performance of Ducati. The perfect expression of this mix is given by the characteristics of the Testastretta DVT 1262 engine which, in combination with the final belt drive, ensures smooth delivery at low revs and a full curve up to the highest revs. The Testastretta DVT 1262, clearly visible in the centre of the bike, delivers a maxi- mum power output of 152 hp at 9,500 rpm and a maximum torque of 92.9 lb-ft at 5,000 rpm. The lighting system is full-LED with a DRL daytime running light system on the front that is easily recognizable and of great visual impact. XDiavel Nera is equipped with Bosch Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) which, by dynamically measuring the roll and pitch angles as well as the speed of the relative set-up variations, provides the information to ABS Cornering. This system, together with Ducati Traction Control (DTC), Riding Modes, Cruise Control and Ducati Power Launch (DPL), make the XDiavel Nera a techno- logically advanced, high-performance and safe motorcycle. The electronic equipment is completed by the two-level dashboard with colour animation TFT screen and dedicated key-on, in addition to the hands-free system, to be able to use the motorcycle with the key in your pocket or bag. The chassis of the bike, the reduced height from the ground of the saddle (755 mm) and the forward position of the foot- pegs are designed to offer great riding ease and comfort when travelling at low speed in complete relaxation and, at the same time, maximum fun in sporty riding. The combina- tion of the tubular steel trellis frame, the front and rear sus- pension and the chassis dimensions allows agility and con- trollability of the front axle, guaranteeing surprising handling. XDiavel Nera is equipped at the rear with a 240 mm wide tyre mounted on a rim with an 8” channel that makes the bike easily recognizable from any angle, becoming a highly dis- tinctive style element. The particular profile of the tyre also allows a maximum lean angle of 40°, an unthinkable value for a motorcycle of this type. The braking system is powerful and modular and is equipped, like the whole Ducati range, The individualization of the XDiavel also includes com- pletely customizable ergonomics thanks to the adjustable footpegs in three positions, or through the choice of Ducati Performance accessories that best suit your needs, includ- ing handlebars of different shapes and rearward footpegs compared to the standard or centrally located ones. The XDiavel Nera can already be ordered with the seat in the preferred colour and will be available in dealerships in the Ducati network starting from March 2022. It fits into the Ducati XDiavel range alongside the essential XDiavel Dark and the sporty XDiavel S. The new XDiavel Nera is characterized by the “Black on Black” livery in which gloss and matt black portions alter- nate. This livery makes the XDiavel even sportier and is also reflected in a dedicated jet helmet, which owners of XDiavel Nera can order together with the bike. The bike is also enriched by some style details that enhance its aesthetics, such as the brake calipers and engine head covers in Ducati Red colour and the lightened and fully machined forged rims, painted in gloss black. The most recognizable part of the XDiavel Nera is the special seat made of Pelle Frau®: a soft natural leather saddled by hand, the result of years of research by Poltro- na Frau. It is available in five different colours (Siam Red, Steel Blue, Cemento, India and Selva) and is customized with a series of “X” engraved through a sophisticated la- ser process, which recall the name of the bike. Ducati XDiavel is a motorcycle with a strong personality that focuses heavily on the concept of individualization. In this project, the possibility of customization is expressed through the choice of preferred colour for the seat, to which are added a wider comfort saddle and a backrest, also in Pelle Frau® leather, suitable for travelling in two without sacrificing style. The 500 Ducatisti enthusiasts who order XDiavel Nera Poltrona Frau is a leading company in high-end furniture and an ambassador of Italian excellence all over the world. Thunder Roads Magazine 16 Thunder Roads Magazine 17