TRITON Magazine Fall 2020 | Page 61

Tristan Shone , MFA , the
self-billed industrial doom
musician known as Author &
Punisher . Since 2004 , his oneman
band has used industrial
machinery to make unique
music . Shone still maintains
Matthew Steitz , Ed , is the
principal of The Preuss
School UC San Diego , a
unique charter middle
and high school for lowincome
students who
strive to become the first in
Timothy Kim , MPIA , is a
senior product manager at
Comscore , a company that
provides marketing data
and analytics .
Miranda Dainard Wayne ,
Sixth , is an actress who
has worked in short films ,
plays , and television shows .
She works for Kaiser ’ s
Educational Theatre for
Children in Los Angeles ,
a day job as a mechanical
engineering researcher at
UC San Diego , where he says
his initial “ drone machines ”
were born .
Amanda Corona , Muir ,
was recognized as an
their families to graduate
from college .
Lakshya Datta , Sixth ,
is celebrating the sixth
anniversary of his company ,
Launchora , a storytelling
platform where writers can
Emily Shin , Warren , is
the assistant director of
development for Chancellor ’ s
Associates , a leadership
annual giving society that
supports scholarships for
first-generation or lowincome
college students at
UC San Diego .
Calif ., and also as a director
for youth theater . Dainard was
a member of award-winning
show Rotterdam at the Kirk
Douglas Theatre in 2019 .
Jack Goodwin , Warren , is
a contributing author of
the book Salt in My Soul : An
Unfinished Life , by Mallory
Exemplary Staff Employee
of the Year at UC San Diego .
She is the director of
alumni engagement for
the Department of
Social Sciences .
Jennifer Soo Lim , Marshall ,
is the director of giving at
MusicPower , a foundation that
changes lives through the
power of music .
Lindsay Schwarz , PhD , an
share their work . Datta is
living in India , where he
has been producing serial
storytelling podcasts for Hindi
speakers while in lockdown .
Karen Grunstra , MPIA , is an
international trade specialist
at the International Trade
Administration under the
Department of Commerce ,
where her portfolio includes
medical devices and health IT .
Vivek Poola , Warren , is the
CEO of SkyHi , a subscription
Maura Deignan , MPIA , is
a cloud project manager
at Booz Allen Hamilton ,
an information technology
consulting company .
Yvette J . Jackson , MA ,
PhD ‘ 17 , a composer of
electroacoustic , chamber ,
and orchestral music , joined
Harvard University as an
assistant professor in the
Department of Music .
Smith . In May 2019 , he
returned to UC San Diego as
a speaker at TEDxUCSD , a
club he co-founded during his
undergraduate years . Jack
is currently the lead satellite
integrator for DARPA ’ s
Project Blackjack , an effort
to build a mega-constellation
of defense satellites in low
earth orbit .
Henry Lu , Warren , lives in
Dallas , Texas and works
for Lockheed Martin as a
mini program subcontract
assistant member in the
Neurobiology Department at
St . Jude Children ’ s Research
Hospital , is the recipient
of the National Institute
of Health Director ’ s New
Innovator Award , recognizing
exceptionally creative
scientists pursuing research
that has potential for broad
impact in biomedical ,
behavioral or social sciences .
service for affordable
flights in the United States
and Europe .
Tim Schwartz , MFA , a digital
strategist at Alley Interactive ,
wrote A Public Service :
Whistleblowing , Disclosure , and
Anonymity , published by OR
Books , a guide to disclosing
information from within the
government , the workplace ,
Lillian Chen , Sixth , works at
Google in the San Francisco
Bay Area , where she focuses
on global branding for
startups . She had spent two
years in Pasadena , Calif .
working for NASA ’ s Jet
Propulsion Laboratory ( JPL )
as a content creator .
manager on a missile
project . He is also pursuing a
MBA through Louisiana State
University Shreveport .
Yulin Liu , Marshall , works
for ETS in Princeton , NJ
where she is doing UX design /
user research to develop an
English learning app to help
higher education , and beyond .
Lauren Craig , Sixth , worked
international students .
for San Diego Magazine before
moving to Los Angeles to
pursue a career in film . She
has worked as a film analyst
and creative producer .
Jason Raby , MPIA , works
for Mercy Corps , the
nonprofit that first spurred
his interest in international
development work .