Trispys Awards 2019-2020 - Page 25

NORTH LAUREL HIGH SCHOOL ZACHARY BROYLES [ ] MALE STUDENT-ATHLETE OF THE YEAR Zachary Broyles has displayed excellence in the classroom as well as the playing field. Zachary has a 4.073 GPA which includes 12 hours of college credit, as well as taking seven AP classes. He scored a 32 on his ACT and also completed the Governor’s scholar program last summer. Before his transfer to North Laurel, he also was chosen as a Promising Appalachian Leadership Scholar. He is a member of North Laurel’s honor’s society, BETA Club, all-state and all-festival chorus and has been a member and leader of First Priority since sixth grade. He also had one of the lead roles for his school’s drama which was unfortunately unable to be performed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. He volunteers in community activities such as the Dirk Shelton Memorial Race, helped raise money for the AA Women’s Center, donates his time refereeing upwards games and gives guitar lessons among other things. Zachary returned for his senior soccer season following a facial injury that cut his junior year short. He only had one goal this season, but was an intricate part of the North Laurel team displaying leadership on the field with his teammates before a knee injury ended his season in the 10th game. He continued to be a leader even after his injury, never missing a game even after knee surgery, by focusing his energy on cheering on his team from the sidelines. He has done all of this while also working a part time job. TRISPY AWARDS 2019-2020 | 25