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Furniture and flooring suppliers from overseas were crossed off the list of potential vendors due to the unreliability of delivery – but since every other renovation project in the country was facing the same situation , Petersen said that checking and double-checking that the selected furniture and other design elements would be available when needed was paramount so that Eagle Ridge would not face delays .
Collaboration from a distance
Due to the resort ’ s popularity and room turnover even before COVID-19 , it was difficult for the design team to get access into each room to conduct necessary field measure and inventory . To avoid the inefficiency of multiple visits to the remote resort , they worked with Rider ’ s team to get information on rooms they weren ’ t able to access on their visits .
“ We ’ ve developed a good system over the years ,” Petersen said . “ We take our first shot at what we think would work best for them based on past discussion and feedback . Then Tom sends us revisions to the preliminary plans , and we take it from there , checking in with them on details as needed . It works because the communication flows pretty easily from both sides .”
Despite an even tighter than usual turnaround on the latest design phase , and an extremely busy summer and fall season for the resort , steady communication kept the project moving forward .
“ Anne was so professional and responsive to our timelines ,” Rider said , “ I would hear from her quickly and get the answer I needed ; I couldn ’ t be happier with that relationship .”
With the pieces falling into place despite the year ’ s difficulties , Eagle Ridge ’ s latest renovations are ready for the start of the 2020 skiing season .
“ Looking back at the last four years , it ’ s been a really wonderful project to be part of ,” Petersen reflected . I ’ ve enjoyed working with Tom ’ s team and it ’ s been exciting to be part of Eagle Ridge ’ s transformation .” www . AyresAssociates . com 19