Trends Winter 2016 | Page 6

Teaming up again A new collaboration between Ebenezer and Ayres Associates broke ground just a few months ago and is expected to open next summer. The Lake Elmo Senior Living building will be larger but similar to Red Rock Senior Living in many ways. Jill Nokleby Kaiser says the project has gotten off to a smooth start. “Matt (Frisbie) incorporated all our feedback [from Red Rock],” she said. “We got done in the first two meetings what would normally have taken six or seven meetings to work out, because he listened.” there.’ And then to be creative along the way, and if there’s something that’s a challenge, help us to fix it. Matt did a very good job at that. He just gets it.” “We looked at all the recent research on senior housing to see what was new and most helpful for seniors and the staff who work with them,” Frisbie said. “We knew we wanted it to be convenient and have it really open and full of natural light. You’ve got residents that you hope you can make their lives better and their families’ lives better, and then there are the staff and how do you improve their lives.” Communication was vital during the design process, and Frisbie and Burnam worked hand-in-hand with Ebenezer to ensure that the focused design time resulted in better health care services for Ebenezer’s residents and staff. 6│TRENDS “In the end what we ended up doing was using the site’s problems – the size and the grade – to our advantage,” Burnam said. “It took a lot of design concepts, but we finally got to the point where we had a compact yet open layout. We built an underground garage into the hillside – which is great for Minnesota winters – and took advantage of the height to get that great vantage point on the second floor.” The end result has been a success for both Ebenezer and the residents. “It’s all about the residents,” Juan said. “Ultimately if they’re happy and their families are happy, then we’re happy. And the residents and staff seem to love it.” “I would say it was the best thing I ever did to come,” Freeman beamed. “It’s a wonderful place.”