Trends Winter 2015 - Page 20

The intent of the project was to really make this an attractive area for development. ROAD PROJECT BENEFITS BUSINESS SECTOR I n addition to redefining its identity and reinvigorating its downtown, the City of Muskego hoped reconstructing Waukesha County Highway L/Janesville Road would spur improvements in the community. So far it has, city officials say, and they are delighted with the results. Many business owners have improved facades or upgraded their buildings and sites during and after the roadway project. The finished roadway has helped draw new businesses to the city, including offices, commercial/ 20│TRENDS retail, and even large-scale housing developments. “We feel the project has certainly spurred economic development,” said David Simpson, Muskego’s city engineer. “The intent of the project was to really make this an attractive area for development.” Since 2011, the City has approved more than $240,000 in grants for Janesville Road business properties, said Jeff Muenkel, the City’s community development director. Those properties, in turn, have shown a total investment of their own of approximately $4 million. The City also approved approximately $233,000 in low-interest loans for businesses along Janesville Road. Those businesses then invested more than $1.28 million in their projects. Muenkel said other larger developments are in the works, and the reinvigorated area has piqued the interest of many businesses looking to consider Muskego for future projects. – Eric Widholm