Trends Winter 2010 - Page 4

the Dry Creek drainage area to be reserved as open space for recreational use. City engineering staff soon began determining whether it was feasible to run Dry Creek through this large area. The area is on much higher ground and was not an obvious solution at first. “I got really excited once we recognized it was not only doable, but would cost a lot less money,” MacDonald said. Even with the reduced cost, the $5.5 million price tag was still too steep. “The City didn’t have a designated funding source for such a major flood control project,” Vetter said. The saving grace ultimately came from a $3 million FEMA Pre-Disaster Mitigation (PDM) Grant. “Really we had to rely on FEMA grant funding to make it possible.” “The PDM grant process is highly competitive nationally,” said Kim Johnson, emergency preparedness specialist with the Office of Homeland Security in Cheyenne, the state-level grant administrative office for FEMA. The key to the City winning the grant was twofold: The project resulted in reducing the floodplain and reducing risk for residents. “Essentially (the project) took lives and property out of a precariously dangerous floodplain,” Johnson said. “It redirects flood discharge and takes citizens and property out of harm.” In fact, later FEMA conducted a case review, or “best practices portfolio,” of the project, and it was recognized nationally as a mitigation success story. The project involved designing the diversion of all but the five-year storm flows from the main channel of Dry Creek into a series of three detention ponds before discharging the flows back into the creek, downstream of the troublesome Sheridan Reach. Ayres Asso 6FW2767FV@FR6GvF6V7W&rCw&Bg&FRR2Vf&VF&FV7FvV7'FW6vFrFRF&BFWFVFB2vWF@B&fFrV6VVFVBvFW"VƗGf"g&WVVB7F&vFW"fp6֖rg&FRVv&&r6WVR&Vv''BBF6V@6G7G&VWG2fFfRfFW6v( 2v66VFVBV6V&FW FW2FR&VVFrFFRf'7BFWFVFB6&VBvF7V66W76gVVvFF2vFFR''BBFW"&fFR&W'GvW'2( 26fVBFR6G&FVǒCB֖Ɩ67G'V7F67G2FR76fR&V7BffVB&VfrS37V&2&G2`FW&67G'V7Fv26WFVB6WFV&W"#fWGFW"6BFR&V7BvVB6Fǒg&7F'BFf6( &W0766FW227V666Ɨ6VBVvVW&rf&FWvVBvF@B&vFBBvBFR&V7B67G'V7FVBvFWB&&V2( ЦR6BFR&V7N( 2vGVFR&V26WvBbVvf 6WVR&W6FVG2&V6W6RB2WBF&RFW7FVB fBBBv267G'V7FVBVFWfVVB&V26B6WVP&V7BvW"W&vRR( 'WBFR&W'GvW'2rFP6W&F&V6fR&VV熖W6ǒvFr6WFbFR&V7B( Ч6R6B&V6W6RVFFVǒBV2FV"W2v&R&VfVBg&ЧFRfGVFrf&f'dTFR&V7B&fFW0&VƖVbf"#RRb&W'FW2dT&VwVFVBfG2FP6GfWGFW"6BFVv&W6FVG27FFBVFW'7FBFRWFV@bFR&V7BFBv6vRvVFW""7F&G2FR6G( Ė&r7F&( R6B( FR7G2bF2&V7Bv&R&VFǐ&VB( ФVvVW&rBVFV6VvF&V67G'V7Fb"W&&6'&F '67vVW@fW'RƖW27W'&6W2&vCvVBv2vVB6W2F&Gv&V7BFW&^( 2&wVGf"&&W'BƗ2R6GbF6VvVW"( vRF( BƖRF&R7W'&6VB( R6BvV&V67G'V7FbV7Bv6wFfVVRF6v666&VvV&ǒ#BFR6GBFPv666FW'FVBbG&7'FFv4DB@66W&2FB7B6ƖVG2fRvFW&&&Gv&V7G3֖֗rG&ff2F7'WF2Fp66W72F'W6W76W2BVWrFR&V7B66VGVR66W&2ƖRFW6R&RWfV&R6vf6BvV66FW&rV7Bv6wFfVVR2BR֖P6RVFFfFVB6'&F"vFfW&vR`SbfV6W2W"FN( 26"ƖFFW'7FFW2BB3FBG2&R2vFWvFF6( 2FvFvBVfW'6Gbv6666W2( 2W2FRf7BFBFR6G( 2VFW76VFF&FR7FFR6F'VFr7FG2V&ǒ3fVWBFw&FRw&FWW"BFRfVV^( 2&VvrFRFW&( Ɔv&f^( 6V&ǒfBF2&V7BFR6GBv4DB&WFVB&W2766FW0F&fFR67G'V7F'6W'fF6W'f6W2F0CsB֖Ɩ&V7BFW6vVBF&W6RFWFW&&FpfVVBBvrf6ƗFW3&VƖWfRG&ff26vW7F㰦&fRVFW7G&&76RBV&Ɩ2G&6@66FF3B6'&FR&vRbW7FWF0&fVVG2FfFVBFffR6VvVG2FR&V7@v26WFVB7&r#67G'V7F( 2FN( 2FR'fW2FV"֗BWB&W6PW'7V7FfRRvWG2vRG&frF&Vv&Gv&V7B6FR'WB67G'V7F'6W'fFv( 0'6W'frvC&W&ǒ&vVrR7WW'f6"`67G'V7FVvVW&rB&W2766FW26W'fVB0&V7BvW"B&V7BVvVW"f"FR&V67G'V7FbV7Bv6wFfVVR6RWVBFB67G'V7F'6W'fFV2( V7W&rFR6G&7F'2'VBFPPE$TE0