Trends to Watch 2021 - Page 2

We are in a period of culinary curiosity and creativity . While sequestered at home , consumers are trying new foods and looking to expand their comfort zone , experimenting with flavors and cooking techniques . This newfound passion is leading the charge for the growth of international cuisine . According to Mintel , Latin , African , and Indian cuisines are up 1-2 % since the previous year , while other common go-to ’ s like Italian and Mexican cuisines are falling off the map 1 . For example , frozen meal brand AYO Foods offers authentic African flavors in quick and easy meal solutions for at-home consumption .
Home-bound consumers have gotten creative in 2020 to get their fix of high-end indulgences . Things like coffee , cocktails and even charcuterie boards are now more accessible from home . The DIY craze has moved into the food and beverage industry , with consumers crafting their own premium creations in the comfort of their own space . More than 46 % of consumers agree premium coffee is worth the larger price 3 . We have increased internet usage to thank for trends like whipped coffee and hand-crafted charcuterie boards making their way into the store and then into shoppers ’ kitchens . Consumers have become at-home baristas , mixologists , and chefs ; challenging the notion of what you can do yourself . Lean into the trend by incorporating trending brands like Square One Cocktails into store sets .
In the world we live in , health is a hot topic . The ongoing fear of illness – and increased isolation caused by quarantine - has created an urgency to adopt habits that aid in both mental and physical health and wellbeing . Consumers are re-evaluating their food , beverage , and supplement choices , leaning into more natural products and plant-based options . With immune health as a key focus , sales and new product innovation for added functionality has taken off , growing 77 % during the last six-month COVID buying period 2 . Brands like Heywell have incorporated added functionality of immunity to their products , with their energy and immune boost sparkling beverage .