Trends Summer 2019 | Page 20

Not Your Average Landscape Architecture Project Pools. Parks. Downtowns. Campuses. Ecosystems. Athletic facilities. Landscape architects indeed take on a variety of projects in their line of work. But Blake Theisen, one of four professional landscape architects at Ayres Associates, notes a common denominator among all of them: inspiration. Whatever the project, the team strives to create vibrant, engaging public spaces that enhance the quality of life. “That’s why I get out of bed,” he said. “I want to see how people behave with each other and move through spaces 20│ TRENDS and have experiences in the places we design. That, to me, is really exciting.” When it comes to a community pool project, Theisen said that, to him, it’s not about how many trees and shrubs there are or what color a slide is – of course, that’s all part of it – but rather how users experience it. “How do they move through a space? What are they thinking? What do they remember when they leave?” he said. Theisen shared that some of his favorite memories as a young boy were of being in parks and pools. He strives to see that the next generation has similar sentiments. “I hope that when the kids of today grow up, they’re remembering the experiences that they had in the projects that we designed,” he said. – Jennifer Schmidt