Trends Summer 2019 | Page 18

Complexities and special challenges Creating unique settings and an atmosphere for clients to establish a distinct sense of place is a critical component to a successful aquatic project, Theisen said. And careful consideration of finish materials such as decorative concrete, fencing, shade structures, and site furnishings makes a project come alive. He listed several other special considerations that accompany projects of this type, including: • Americans with Disabilities Act accessibility. “ADA’s a big one,” Theisen said. “You have to design your facilities with equitable access. Page 18 photos: Burlington Community Aquatic Center 18│ TRENDS We go beyond and try to give them an equitable experience.” • Code requirements. “Every state we work in has different code requirements. Whether it’s the pool code review or the health inspection, they’re all looking at different things, so understanding how to get through the complexities of those different sets of requirements can be challenging,” he said. “We understand what they’re looking for and can modify our design to try and meet and balance the needs of those different requirement sets.” • Design for ease of maintenance. Ongoing maintenance of facilities requires significant resources. As a result, designing and managing public spaces intelligently can yield dramatic dividends. Through ongoing coordination with facility maintenance staff, managers, and others, it’s important to design and recommend strategies to minimize future costs while maximizing ecological value and recreational advantage. Another aquatic account The Village of McFarland, a small community near Madison, Wisconsin, turned to Ayres to help generate a master plan and feasibility study for aquatics services. After hearing from more and more residents that the Village was lacking outdoor aquatics features, officials wanted to arm themselves with more information on why exactly that was. “A lot of people visualize a real tight- knit community around the community pool, swimming in the summer when