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locating over 50,000 linear feet of cable and designing new aerial fiber optics and distribution copper, with various segments of directional drill of facilities under the highway. The project also includes design within the client’s proprietary system and generating full construction plans and bids, four types of permits, and Florida Department of Transportation relocation plans and schedules. This project is on an extremely tight deadline. When all design is completed, the client will immediately begin relocation of their facilities in coordination with the power pole relocation. This work is being done in advance of and conjunction with the major road widening of US Highway 19. DEWATERING BY DESIGN Ayres Associates’ water resources engineers have designed floating bulkheads at sites across the country – and even some internationally as they’re doing right now for the Afobaka Dam in South America. Floating bulkheads are used to dewater spillway gates that can’t be accessed using conventional methods. Individual caissons are placed in the reservoir, pinned together, and floated into position upstream of a spillway that is to be dewatered. Partnering with Steel-Fab, a bulkhead fabricator from Massachusetts, Ayres’ engineers are in the 30% design phase of the project, located in the Republic of Suriname. Steel-Fab contracted with Suriname Aluminum Company, a subsidiary of Alcoa, to fabricate and deliver the floating bulkhead system, which will consist of 11 caissons, each weighing about 27,000 pounds. The floating bulkhead will be used to replace a non-floating bulkhead system fabricated for Suriname Aluminum Company in the 1980s. The old bulkhead sections weighed between 40,000 and 70,000 pounds and exceed the capacity of the Gantry crane at the dam. The new bulkhead will be able to be placed with the existing Gantry crane. Esti mated completion is August 1. PERSPECTIVES New VP named Jason Ingram was named vice president of Ayres Associates’ geospatial division, which provides land survey and aerial mapping services. land surveyors. Ingram works in Ayres’ Green Bay area office, from which he previously managed land survey, the firm’s largest group. In his new position, he also oversees the aerial mapping group – which provides aerial imagery, topographic mapping, lidar (light detection and ranging), and customized GIS services – in addition to the firm’s of experience in developing survey and mapping solutions for clients in various professional service sectors, including utility, land information, transportation, municipal, architecture, water resources, and environmental. He has provided leadership to staff across numerous offices, has grown the land survey operations during his several years of managing the group, and has played a key role in Ayres’ surveying and mapping technology development. Ingram holds a bachelor of science in land surveying from Michigan Technological University. He is a licensed Professional Land Surveyor in Wisconsin, Michigan, Minnesota, Iowa, and Utah and a licensed Professional Surveyor and Mapper in Florida. Ingram is a member of the National Society of Professional Surveyors and the Wisconsin Society of Land Surveyors. Ingram, who joined Ayres in 1999, has more than 19 years │21