Trends Summer 2018 - Page 16

Closer to Completion Construction on the remaining two segments of the Palatka- to-St. Augustine trail began in August 2017 when funding became available. Once complete, these trail segments will provide much-anticipated connections through the Town of Hastings. A trailhead in Hastings, where users will find a restroom facility and picnic tables, will serve as an access point for the unconstructed trail segments. The first of the two segments will total 2.397 miles in length; the last will be a 1.088-mile-section. Both trail segments will include a pedestrian bridge designed by the Florida Department of Transportation District 2 Structures Office. Total cost for both segments is estimated at $5.8 million, and construction is slated to be completed by fall 2018. Ayres-designed portion of River to Sea Loop Remaining River to Sea Loop River to Sea Loop 16│ TRENDS