Trends Summer 2018 | Page 9

6,800 By the Numbers: Additional Falcon Center Project Facts $63.5 MILLION 11,780 sf2 total project budget 286,347 gross square footage of the building pounds of free weights within the facility (five tons located in strength and conditioning) 275,000 1,000 cinder blocks used in construction +sf2 166,000 additional square footage to existing facilities tons of steel used in construction bricks used in construction 6.5 miles of water pipe used in construction 9 defibrillators in the building square feet of climbing areas contained in the recreational portion of the building capacity of the renovated Hunt Arena at Falcon Center (hockey) televisions and monitors in the building 136,000 4,000 1,400 49 cubic yards of concrete used in construction (enough to fill more than two Olympic-size swimming pools) 66 16 pieces of cardio equipment available for use locker rooms 2,300 capacity of the newly built Page Arena at Falcon Center (basketball, volleyball) 10 basketball courts in the building (eight usable at the same time) 4 state-of-the-art classrooms for use by the Health and Human Performance Department 1 3 Health and Human Performance lab fully equipped fitness studios Source: UW-RF │9