Trends Summer 2018 | Page 11

TEAM EFFORT The general contractor for the University of Wisconsin- River Falls Falcon Center for Health, Education, and Wellness was Miron Construction. “The Daily Reporter,” a statewide construction newspaper, counted the Falcon Center and seven other projects completed by Miron Construction among the publication’s “Top Projects” in Wisconsin in 2017. Miron Construction has offices in Neenah, Eau Claire, Madison, Milwaukee, and Wausau, Wisconsin, and Cedar Rapids, Iowa. CLEAR COMMUNICATION Looking back on the three years of construction, Ayres Project Manager Raivo Balciunas said his job turned out to be making sure the path was clear so that team members could get the work done. “We had a lot of good people who really knew their jobs,” he said. “Success resulted from everyone knowing and doing their jobs, addressing concerns early, and keeping the communication flowing.” Braun remembers the first discussions of the need to upgrade the university’s athletic facilities. In the 1990s the facilities were “what you’d expect to find in a junior high today,” he said. In recent years, the several hundred students enrolled in the university’s Health and Human Performance program were going to eight locations on campus for the specialized instruction the program requires, including classes in an old facility that once served as a cafeteria, Braun said. With the opening of the Falcon Center, that instruction is centralized. Athletic teams enjoy improved facilities, and all students have access to improved recreational opportunities. “We were fortunate to have good design, good site engineering, a good contractor, good weather, and good cooperation from students and staff,” Braun said. “To have the Falcon Center in the ground and operating is a real triumph.” │11