Trends Summer 2017 | Page 11

Glen Locch Lakke Fishing Pier Shoreline Boardwalk 20’ x 20’ Pavillion Play Lawn Fishing Pier Concrete Stairs with Metal Handrails (2) H.C. Parking Stalls 10’ x 20’ Pavillion 10’ x 20’ Pavillion (11) 10’ x 20’ Parking Stalls H.C. Canoe / Kayak Launch (2) H.C. Parking Stalls Port-a-John Enclosure Concrete Walk (2) H.C. Parking Stalls Seating and Overlook Area (1) H.C. Accessible Trailer Boat / Bus Parking (4) Trailer Boat / Bus Parking Glen Loch Lake Improvements Access Port-a-John Enclosure (6) H.C. Parking Stalls (5) 10’ x 20’ Parking Stalls 0’ 50’ 100’ 200’ Scale: 1” = 50’ - 0” Site Concept Left rendering: The City of Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin, hired Ayres Associates to assist with significant improvements to Erickson Park, which is adjacent to Glen Loch Lake. The main goal of the project is to allow greater access to the park for an underserved population of individuals with limited mobility. Above: Site plan for the Erickson Park improvements. Road Nort h accessible boardwalk, a pedestrian bridge over a creek to link the property to nearby Irvine Park, and a bike trail. Ayres prepared several key portions of the grant application, including the project description and extensive site maps. Expanding the project nearly doubled the estimated development cost to about $1.7 million. Ron Bakken, one of the project’s lead supporters, said that at first the volunteers behind the effort “were pretty much single-minded. We wanted a park with the finest fishing from shore opportunities for those with disabilities.” Now, he and others see the advantages of the expanded project. “We learned a good lesson on the importance of making connections to the greater community and how funding can follow,” he said. “We will have accomplished our goal of building a state-of-the-art fishing facility. But the Date: 02.03.2015 other connections are just as significant. It’s been estimated that 1,400 people go to Irvine Park every day in the summer. There will be a natural flow between Irvine Park and Erickson Park.” The group did not realize how popular bicycling is in the region, Bakken said. The planned bike trail will connect to established trails in the area and will serve as a Safe Routes to School path for a nearby elementary school. “We didn’t want to make the project bigger unless we were sure it was truly better,” he said. “Mission accomplished.” The grant requires a 50% match, and the volunteer group had raised more than half of that by early summer 2017. If donations continue, construction will start this year with a planned park opening in June 2018. │11