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“ We started conversations with Phil , and we soon realized that there ’ s a lot more to a healing garden than just some trees and plants and flowers – and he was just exceptional ,” Giles said .
“ He was truly looking at this as a healing garden , something that was going to have elements of solitude and a place of spirituality ,” Elliott added . “ We were very impressed with his approach and , once we got the chance to look at his designs , it was obviously so much more striking than what any member of the committee imagined . This was an eye-popper .”

Goals of the garden

Johnson , a registered landscape architect who served as Ayres Associates ’ project manager and designer , said the garden had three primary objectives : to provide a calming , reflective environment for patients and visitors ; to make the hospital entrance more welcoming ; and to offer an outdoor option for performing physical therapy .
The garden , approximately 136 feet wide by 108 feet long , features two walks , one made out of colored concrete and one out of brick pavers . The space also offers retaining walls accented by native grasses , wooden tables , chairs and benches , a small shelter with rocking chairs , a water feature , memorial bricks , a sculpture , and a selection of shade trees and annual flowers .
In addition to designing an aesthetically pleasing garden , Johnson put careful thought into the special populations who might be using the space .
“ If you look at it from a therapeutic benefit perspective , you have to look at the different conditions that are typically treated at this facility ,” he said . “ For example , if you have elderly people that you ’ re treating – and most facilities do – you need to be able to use darker surfaces , less reflective surfaces .” Darker walking surfaces anchor the site , he explained , and colored concrete helps reduce reflectivity on the eyes .
For Alzheimer ’ s patients , it ’ s important to have color contrasts and defined spaces . Water is important , but reflective water should be avoided because an Alzheimer ’ s patient could become confused or fearful after seeing his or her reflection .
Johnson also tried to avoid greenery that would aggravate common allergies and even considered possible medications people could have in their systems while visiting the garden . For instance , people on certain antibiotics need to avoid sunlight ,
so Johnson was sure to create spaces “ that are shaded but yet create that outdoor experience .”
“ You can make big mistakes by not understanding what the impacts of your design are ,” Johnson said .

Consulting hospital staff

Early in the process , Johnson facilitated information sessions with hospital staff , allowing them to share their personal ideas and preferences . He used the feedback to create three schematic designs , which the group viewed and provided input on at a subsequent meeting .
“ He would explain to people what the diagrams were , and rather than having to pick one , he allowed us to kind of pick the elements we liked the best ,” Giles said . “ So it wasn ’ t like either / or . It was ‘ Well , I like this about this . I love this about this .’ And then he took all of those and came up with his final plan .” Involving the employees allowed them to feel a part of the process , Giles said .
After unveiling the final plan , the hospital ’ s Development Office was ready to start fundraising . Giles and her staff launched a campaign in fall 2011 , and money was collected throughout the year via payroll deductions and one-time donations . Not everyone was initially
Reconstructing urban street near Lambeau Field requires teamwork, planning, and communication By Tom Paquin T he game plan was solid, and when the cloud of dust settled, the street leading to Lambeau Field was a shining example of the powers of teamwork in action. Brown County and the Village of Ashwaubenon in northeastern Wisconsin hired Ayres Associates to 6│TRENDS provide design and construction engineering for the reconstruction of approximately 1 mile of Oneida Street just south of Lambeau Field, home of the Green Bay Packers. A critical element of the project was getting the busy street ready before the start of the 2012 Packers season. Doug Martin, the Village’s director of public works, said reconstructing the stretch of Oneida Street from Hansen Road to Cormier Road was one of the most complex projects he’s overseen during his 13 years with the Village. Complexities included managing and improving access to businesses, controlling intersection movements, placing right- and left-turn lanes, choosing between four- and six-lane configurations, and integrating and coordinating the sanitary sewer, water, and storm sewer reconstruction with the roadway reconstruction. “The construction process went very well – f &��F�Rf���vR�B6�V�G��B'W6��W76W2�F�F�P�6��7G'V7F����'6W'fF����B��7V7F���F�B�&W0�F�B�F�F�R6��G&7F�'2F���r�BW��F�V�6V�fW2F�6��F7B'W6��W76W2F��VWF�V���f�&�VB2F�R&��V7@�&�w&W76VB�( ��'F��6�B�( ėBv2�VvR&��V7Bv���p�F�&�Vv�F�R�V'B�b6�vV&V���( �2���'W6��W70�F�7G&�7B�( Р�F�RV&Ɩ6ǒ6V�6�F�fR&��V7B&WV�&VB��FVw&F��p�V�v��VW&��r6��WF���2v�F�6��6W&�2�B�VVG2�`�'W6��W72�v�W'2�&W6�FV�G2�F�Rf���vR�B6�V�G�����B�F�W"7F�V���FW'2���V�F7G&VWBv2&V'V��BW6��p�7FvVB6��7G'V7F�����V��rv���R��'F�&�V�B��W0�vW&RV�FW"6��7G'V7F����Gv��v�G&ff�2v2F�fW'FV@���F�F�R6�WF�&�V�B��W2�BF�V�&WfW'6VBGW&��p��6R"�Ɩ֗F��r�VgBGW&�2�V�VB�VWG&ff�2��f��p�2Vff�6�V�Fǒ2�76�&�RF�&�Vv�F�R6�'&�F�"ࠐ�֖6�V�ƖV&����&W276�6�FW>( �&��V7@���vW"�6�B���F���r66W72��7G&VWBFV�6P�v�F�'W6��W76W2v2f�F�f�"7V66W76gV�&��V7B�F�&�Vv��WB6��7G'V7F����72V���2vW&R6V�B&�W@�WfW'�Gv�vVV�2( 26��WF��W2��&Rg&WVV�Fǒ( 2F�F�Rf���vR�6�V�G��'W6��W76W2��VF���B�F�W �7F�V���FW'2�F�R�W76vW2FWF��VB��R6��7W&W2��66W72&W7G&�7F���2��B�F�W"f�F�G&ff�2��f�&�F�����WFF��r����F�R7FGW2�bF�Rv�&�ࠒ�'F��6�BF�RV���26V�B'�ƖV&��vW&R�W��F�F�R&��V7N( �27V66W72�( �vR�BvVV�ǒ6��7G'V7F����VWF��w2F�BV&ǒ���B�V�&W"�b��FW&W7FV@�'F�W26��v��rW�( ��R6�B�( �2F�RV���6���w&Wr�F�R�V�&W"�bV��R6��v��rWBF�R�VWF��w0�Gv��F�VB��B&VƖWfVBF�V�"7G&W76W2��bF�W��B��77VR��F�W&Rv2����VF�FR&W7��6R�( ХE$T�E0��)H#p���