Trends Spring 2017 - Page 6

STEEP EMBANKMENT EXISTING COURTHOUSE/JAIL AREA OF ADDITION CHURCH HISTORICAL SOCIETY CAREFUL CONSIDERATIONS C rafting Jackson County’s courtroom for both function and security required careful and deliberate planning as well as extensive collaboration between many parties. Ayres Associates’ architects received input from County Board members, County officials, law enforcement officials, and the end users and staff. The architects also had to collaborate with, and receive design approval from, the Wisconsin Department of Corrections and the Wisconsin Chief Judge for the district. Security and functionality design factors: • Providing separate and secure entrances to the courtroom for the judicial staff, public, and prisoners/ law enforcement. Each entrance/exit had its own unique requirement for the level of security and access. • Providing a secure means of transferring a prisoner from the jail to the courtroom. “If the detainees mix with the public at all, there’s a big chance of a mistrial, not to mention the passing of a weapon or other paraphernalia,” said Steve Hoecherl, Ayres’ project architect. • Providing temporary holding rooms adjacent to the courtrooms for prisoners that have left the jail and are awaiting trial. These holding rooms must meet the design 6│ TRENDS requirements set forth by the Department of Corrections for safety and security. • Providing an entrance for the judge that is directly adjacent to the bench and an entrance for the jury that is directly adjacent to the jury box. • Placing the judicial bench to allow the judge to have a direct sight line to public entrances and full vision to the entire room. • Designing a judge’s bench of a size and height to deter physical attacks. The design of the bench, as well as the court reporter and clerk stations, included a bullet- resistant barrier. • Locating lighting panels and controls to allow only court staff to have access. • Locating the witness stand to ensure proper visibility of the witness by the judge, jury, court reporter, and counsel. • Providing impact-/bullet-resistant glass at service counters. • Providing security cameras and duress/alarm buttons throughout the facility. • Providing a security electronics system to monitor cameras, doors, and alarms and to provide facility lock- down capabilities.