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“Our citizens and the public need to know that this was a needed expansion, and we’re going to be better able to serve the community by doing what we did,” he said. Conditions ‘greatly improved’ While even more improvements could’ve been made if not for the space constraints, County staff realize the facility is “greatly improved” from what it was before, said Kyle Deno, county clerk/administrative coordinator. “Having that second courtroom is just amazing to be able to have,” Deno said. “The security end of things has really changed. Our people should feel a whole lot more secure.” Project manager Raivo Balciunas said Ayres takes pride in giving the County a practical, cost-effective addition to its courthouse. “It was a complicated project, but it went smoothly. Together, we found a functional solution that really met their needs,” said Balciunas, who attended an open house unveiling of the completed addition last fall and heard positive feedback from other attendees. “Folks in Jackson County are proud of that courthouse.” Deno, for one, can vouch for that. “We are very happy,” she said. “And Ayres certainly was a big part of that.” Kutcher agreed. “Everybody communicated quite well, and that was the key to what I would say is a successful project,” he said. AUDIOVISUAL ADD-ONS Ayres Associates’ courtroom design included plans for a multitude of monitors and cameras to allow the judge, jurors, and public to view evidence presented during trials. While a separate vendor designed the audiovisual system, Ayres helped coordinate the effort and designed the jury box and judge’s bench to accommodate these items. “Adding the cameras and videoconferencing has been just such a positive addition,” said Kyle Deno, Jackson County clerk/ administrative coordinator. – Jennifer Schmidt │5