Trends Spring 2017 - Page 16

GPS Mobile Ground Station Propulsion System x6 Transmitter Camera Payload PROFESSIONAL DISTINCTIONS A yres Associates has used several unmanned aerial systems in development of its UAS program and most commonly uses DJI systems, a common and stable platform used by numerous professional organizations. While many of these systems are also available to hobbyists and amateurs, here’s what separates Ayres’ application of the technology. Professional UAS users at Ayres: • Have a comprehensive knowledge of geomatics, the branch of science related to geographic data collection • Offer high-end, in-office processing software 16│ TRENDS • Recognize the technology’s limitations • Operate in a safe and professional manner • Recognize and plan for risk • Only implement UAS among certified pilots in command, licensed surveyors, certified photogrammetrists, professional engineers, certified inspectors, GIS professionals, and IT specialists • Respect client confidentiality and non-disclosure Additionally, Ayres’ drone is registered with the Federal Aviation Administration, and its operators are certified remote pilots.