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primary challenge was space. The courthouse is situated alongside a steep hill, so building to the west wasn’t an option. They couldn’t add on to the north and east without closing off a street and losing much- needed parking lots. That left the area south of the building, where the courthouse boiler room and a nearby church and County Historical Society Building left only a small sliver of space. Could an addition possibly fit in there? Ayres’ study showed that a two- story addition could work – and work well. Based on the study, Ayres Associates was then hired to design the nearly 10,000-square-foot addition. While creating a second courtroom was the primary goal, Ayres’ architects were able to assist the County with other challenges along the way. The architects designed the new courtroom to sit side-by-side with the original first-floor courtroom, opening up space in the new upstairs addition for other County offices. This also allowed them to move the County’s undersized 911 dispatch center into the modernized and expanded new space. “We definitely had a space issue for our 911 center,” said Jackson County Sheriff Duane Waldera. “We needed improvements and more room for operations. We pretty much doubled our size, which has made it much easier for us to provide services.” The project also addressed a number of security issues. Previously, detainees from the jail passed by state and county employees and non-secure areas of the courthouse as they were escorted to and from court. This created “unnecessary encounters between in-custody “I was very satisfied with the process and Ayres and what they gave us for service on this project.”   – Duane Waldera, Jackson County Sheriff │3