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Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources and the earthwork contractor throughout the process to continue to investigate the extent of contamination and keep work plans for handling the materials up to date. “One of the challenges was getting all of the documentation that the WDNR needed in place and yet keeping project construction on schedule,” Wahlstrand said. “This was an extremely aggressive schedule for the soils remediation fieldwork and reports. The professional and responsive guidance we received from the WDNR was invaluable.” 4│ TRENDS Site work was also complicated by the very location of the property. The site overlooks the City’s Phoenix Park and the Eau Claire and Chippewa Rivers. “With contaminated soils being moved and summer activities in nearby Phoenix Park and the farmers market, the contractor needed to stay on top of dust control,” Wahlstrand said. Workers at the site kept the soil moist as needed to reduce or eliminate dirt blowing into the park and followed established hours when work could be completed. “This is a beautiful site with a great view of the rivers and the park. Working at the site and constructing a building there carried an extra layer of responsibility,” she said. Regulatory assistance appreciated Ayres also helped with obtaining state Department of Safety and Professional Services building permits and coordinating with the City through the review and approval process. Johnson said she appreciated help navigating the requirements of the various agencies. “Disa was very clear in her responses in an otherwise very complicated process,” she said. “She made it easier