Trends Spring 2015 - Page 17

select what materials worked best for that particular area and could be constructed at the least cost, Sunna said. permitting environment, including a Sovereign Submerged Lands easement for a retaining wall along Salt Lake. Of the eight stormwater retention ponds, two are dual-use ponds where available land for pond sites was limited, said Tim Foushee, who led Ayres Associates’ stormwater design and permitting of the project. The sites use a watertight sheet pile wall to divide between stormwater detention and floodplain compensation without sacrificing precious volume. Ayres Associates also assisted navigating the project through a complex Flexible construction staging and traffic control plans accommodated numerous residents and businesses and the roadway’s many users during construction, and public involvement was vital, DeMoss said. The County, City, Ayres Associates, and David Nelson Construction worked together to get advance notice to residents, commuters, and businesses about major construction activities. The County created several public service videos, maintained a telephone question-and-answer line and project website, gave quarterly updates, and hosted several public meetings. “Ayres, overall as an organization, was very responsible during the entire project,” DeMoss said. “The staff were very accommodating and honest. … It was a long, complex project with lots of changing conditions. There were a lot of things that made this project challenging, and in the end Ayres and David Nelson Construction came through and did a phenomenal job.” TRENDS │17