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Aesthetically edible ideas also part of JAMF design More than just good ideas grow at JAMF Software. Ayres Associates is working with the company to integrate edible plants into the site around its new downtown Eau Claire office. Edible landscaping involves integrating plants that bear fruit, berries, and nuts into a planting scheme to provide beauty and something to harvest. That harvest could be as humble as a handful of berries or as robust as a small orchard of apples. Ayres Associates landscape architect Phil Johnson has integrated edible plants into several landscaping designs. Important in a public setting, he says, is making sure not to mix in non-edible species that appear to be edible. Signs can be used to educate visitors about what they may want to nibble on. In the case of JAMF Software, the plantings will include a half-dozen Standing Ovation serviceberry shrubs, a red diamond plum tree, and two varieties of blueberries. If JAMF employees or passing pedestrians aren’t tempted by the fruit, the autumn harvest is sure to be a treat for birds. – Kay Kruse-Stanton “And it has the best view, better than we even dreamed.” Exterior details also significant Following JAMF’s goal of giving something back to the community, the building includes some aesthetic exterior design elements to complement the neighborhood. The main entrance, when lit at night, looks like a four-story-tall old- fashioned square lantern, with a grid pattern of lighted windows. And the JAMF building grounds will feature landscaping that includes edible plants. “If you’re going to grow plants they might as well be multifunctional,” Johnson said. “Make them attractive, and if I can also find a blueberry to eat – that makes my day.” industrial site into a high-quality piece of property,” Wahlstrand said. “JAMF is a great neighbor to the improved public and private land around it in downtown Eau Claire.” She may have competition for that blueberry, as the edible landscaping will be available to anyone passing by the building. And that’s fine, she said. It’s just another way of giving back to the community. Even after several months of occupancy, staff members still appreciate the new building. “With some extra time and investment, JAMF not only ended up with a beautiful view, but they can feel proud of their commitment to redevelop a formerly contaminated “We do not take it for granted,” Johnson said. “We feel so fortunate to be in this location and have this quality of construction.” TRENDS │7